vCR kiting – Warden healing guide (Murkmire updated)

vCR kiting – Warden healing guide (Murkmire updated)


Welcome to my warden healing guide for Cloudrest. This guide is similar to my AS front kiting guide, as it focuses on one role : shard picker and kiter in CR. The build as pretty much entirely been designed by the amazing @Nick5262 <3, and is Gryphon Heart approved :D.

This guide will be organized as follows :

1. Kiter in Clourest : Your Role
2. Setup
3. Champion Points
4. Game play

Make sure to hover your mouse pointer over the underlined sets and skills to see the tooltips :)!

1. Kiter in Cloudrest : Your Role

As a kiter in vCR, you have several missions

  • Pick up shards for the shadow real mechanics. It’s really important you get them asap as your teammates can’t complete the mechanics without them.
  • Kiting the crushing darkness outside of the group. For that, you need to be the player the furthest away from Z’maja. Note that even with that, it doesn’t always target you :).
  • Kiting the jumps from the different mini bosses.

2. Setup

Gear, attributes and consumables

Here is the setup I use for kiting. The other healer should use Olorime and drain as we are running double resto staff.

Shoulders Bogdan
NecklaceInfallible AetherArcaneSpell damage
Ring 1Infallible AetherSwiftMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Infallible AetherSwiftMagicka Recovery
Main bar weaponInfallible Aether Restoration StaffPoweredWeapon Damage enchant
Off bar weaponInfallible Aether Restoration StaffInfusedCrusher

I use Infallible Mage (or Infallible Aether) set on jewels and weapons : it is really helpful for the group as it gives high minor vulnerability uptimes. Try to keep it up on Z’maja and on the different mini bosses. I am using it on both bars as I am not using combat prayer, so asylum staff is not an option. In addition, I use Worm’s raiment since every dd in this trial should be magicka. It is a great supportive set for the group. As a monster set, I run Bogdan which is a great additional healing for you and your group, as every dds should be more or less always stacked.

I am running 6 pieces of Light armor, and using Max Magicka, Max Health food (such as the Solitude Salmon-Millet soup).

For attributes, I put 64 points in Magicka, as blue food gives us enough hp, and run the Atronach mundus for regen. I prefer this to gold food + ritual, because the increased max magicka pool is really comfortable. We will use tristats potions because we need that extra stamina back to sprint around the map, and warden has access to major sorcery and prophecy.



Here is a superstar screenshot of the build if you want to compare stats and gear.


Front bar

  • Inner light gives a bit of extra max magicka, and major prophecy on front bar, which we don’t get otherwise because we are using tristats potions.
  • Enchanted growth, Illustrious Healing and Rapid regen are here to heal ourself and our group. Enchanted growth is our panic heal, beware that it needs to be targeted properly. We don’t spam rapid regen too much, just use it for ourselves when we’re out of the group, and when the group is moving. I prefer illustrious healing to healing springs in CR as it gives me more time to use other skills, such as orbs.
  • Energy orbs are to be used on our main tank and our dds for resources, they also do a ton of healing so spam them as much as possible.
  • Blue betty is here for our own sustain, as it gives us around 300 effect regen. We also use it for major sorcery, that we don’t get otherwise, and because it gives you 12% additional regen on our front bar for having it slotted.
  • ULTIMATE : We use Northern storm on our front bar to get an additional 8% max magicka. If your group is progressing, healing thicket is a great panic ult.

Back bar

  • Overflowing altar is an amazing skill in cloudrest, because the healing is does is incredibly useful when people get the healing debuff. Try to have it up as much as possible, in particular, we want no down time in execute.
  • Bone surge is a really useful skill in cloudrest, I use it almost only in execute. It helps our dds, and we can also help our tanks with it.
  • We use deceptive predator for the major expedition buff. It’s really helpful to pick up shards quickly, this way we can come back easily to heal our group. It also gives us 12% regen on our back bar.
  • Finally, we use Budding seeds pretty much only for the synergy. We want to center it on our main tank because the synergy goes to the three people closest to the center of the aoe.
  • ULTIMATE : Aggressive horn is our main ulti.

About traits and enchants

  • For body pieces, I use full divines with two tristats enchants. Infused on big pieces is also a strong choice.
  • For jewels, I run two swift, increasing my movement speed by 12%. I have been experimenting with it a bit, and found that using two swift jewels was really comfortable without being a huge sacrifice of resources, so I’d recommend to try out and see if you enjoy it !:)
  • For weapons, I like powered front bar to boost a bit my healing, cause I feel like it’s needed in the most intense phases of the fight. The weapon damage enchant helps to push that even more. On back bar, I run infused crusher to be able to debuff orbs and creepers. Be careful, if your tanks are using Torug’s, not to proc the enchant on minis or main boss.

3. Champion Points

While my blue CPs are the same as in my “standard” healing setup, I change my green and red CPs when I’m going in CR.

Green tree :

Sprinter 35
Warlord 30

Arcanist 75
Tenacity 75

Shadow Ward 20
Tumbling 35

In CR, I almost never block, which is why I use so little points in Shadow Ward. I put some of those in Sprinter as it helps a lot with mobility.

Red tree :

Iron Clad 72
Spell Shield 57

Thick Skinned 66
Elemental Defender 64

Quick Recovery 11

Almost all your incoming damage is magical (except for the damage from the little adds coming out of the portal).

Blue tree :

Blessed 100
Elfborn 81
Spell erosion 24
Elemental expert 32

Staff expert 9
Master-at-arms 13

Thaumaturge 28


4. Game play

Our role in there is pretty straightforwards : try to always be the furthest away from Z’maja, and pick up shards whenever your teammates are in the shadow world ! Here are some tips.

Malevolent Sphere dot

It can be hard at first to deal with the dot from the orbs, so make sure to have rapid regen on you, and put one or two springs on which to kite if you feel like you’re taking a lot of damage. Something to know is that the dot is applied by a projectile shot by the orbs when they are killed, that you can dodge or block : if you do, you won’t get afflicted by the dot.

Gryphon mechanics in +X

  • I would strongly advice not to take on the ice aoe. First of all, as we are supposed to kite away from the group, we will most likely drop it away too, and our teammates will have to spread to get it. Then, the snare is really annoying for us to pick up shards and react. Lastly, as we are away from the group, we don’t have nearly as much HoTs on us than the dds or the other healer, so the ice dot can kill us really easily.
  • If you get the fire bomb on you, you should obviously go in the group to avoid dying. The biggest danger is that it overlaps with the crushing darkness mechanics. In that case, try to wait as much as possible, buff yourself with major expedition, and then rush in the group. Make sure to announce this so your dds can prepare and stay stacked, making it easier for you. I try to always pop one bone shield when I get the fire bomb, so it protects people around even if they don’t use a shield themselves.
  • Make sure to avoid having the overload mechanics on your front bar. This is the bar on which you have all your healing power, so you should always have access to it.


  • During the execute, I am actively trying to avoid the baneful mark healing debuff by staying just a few steps away from the boss. Indeed, we have only one overflowing altar in the group so it means that I don’t have access to that synergy, making it much harder to heal up after the debuff.
  • Try to use bone shield as much as possible to protect your dds (without emptying your stamina pool as you want to be able to roll dodge if you’re targeted by a creeper). You should also monitor your main tank after each baneful mark. If he doesn’t get healed up fast enough, go to him to give him bone shield too : it really makes the biggest difference.
  • Keep synergies up to help the dds and the tanks :)!

Finally, here is the video of our gryphon heart run, where you can see how I played there. This wasn’t the best run for me cause I played really safe when the boss was under 40% hp, but still you can get an idea of the game play.

I hope this was helpful, if you have questions make sure to let me know :)!

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