Vdate jennifer walkthrough

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Also one for Melyssa, Nikki and Carol. If you want the Cass and Rachel threesome, make sure you pick both of them for the photoshoot. If you want the foursome, make sure you pick Lisette, Tammy and Daisy for the photoshoots. Melyssa and Nikki will always be at the party automatically.

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I like your outfit. Your body's amazing. You seem like a very professional model. Have some fun too.

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It's right here at the mansion. It's only my first day here. Try to look even sexier than you are. I take it you don't have a problem with that? Delighted to meet you. It'll be fine. Shouldn't be too hard for you. Just stand in the middle of the screen.

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You look cut,- I mean professional too. You look hot. I take a picture. Sound simple enough?

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Put one leg up on the chair. Does that sound like fun to you? I love them! I'm glad you like it though.

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I think we're ready. I often admire your talents too. If not, go straight to the pool and find Melyssa. You're a great model.

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If not, go straight to the pool and find Nikki. Do their photoshoots and let them both go to the hot tub. Once they are both there, go to the pool to meet them. I think you auditioned. Do you know that?

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You're a fucking joke! Are you enjoying the party? I can't resist you. It suits you. Could be a nickname. You should get more tatoos drunk. I really wanted to see all of them. It's quiet there. Like I said, I think it's cool. And kinda hot. Sounds like fun. Hughes would be disppointed if no one skinny dipped. Forgot Password? Girls Walkthroughs. Back to home These are the endings for this game - One 'solo' ending for each of the models. Melyssa and Nikki threesome - Find both Melyssa and Nikki at the party.

These are the endings for this game - One 'solo' ending for each of the models.

Vdate jennifer walkthrough

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