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I played sun-up to sun-down. But then my Aunt Lucy passed and I was over at her crib, cleaning out her closet. Two recipes popped out: ratatouille and vanilla ice cream. I had no machine, no nothing. I put the ingredients into a bowl and popped it in the freezer.

It was trash. So I was like we gotta change this. I got no line of credit, no nothing. I just use whatever cash is coming into the register. Every time I run out the bill collectors come and throw stones at me. We put on for the community. We like family here. My employees are like my. Source: humansofnewyorkvia journeytoher. Source: anjodumavia nikkithespicysubmissive. When will you show your ass? Can I actually receive decent treatment from someone? Loyalty feels weird when the entire past was filled with disloyalty. Honesty feels weird when the entire past was filled with lies.

Trusting feels weird when manipulation filled my entire past. Is the consistency an eventual, roundabout form of manipulation? Tumblr black erotica appearing to want to know me well enough to take advantage of me. I only know how to protect myself and keep my distance for said protection. Theme by CLynch Themes. Erotic Emancipation. Home Want to be nosey??

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Tumblr black erotica

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