Tumblr adultery

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More details here. Sorry about the late reply! Summary: Breaking up with my boyfriend leaves an empty spot on the overseas vacation that I had been looking forward to for a long time. However, having Jimin, my best friend go with me may not be the best idea — since my crush on him has never gone away.

Keep reading. If any of the authors would like me to remove their tag, please let me know! Trust by moonlitjimin a best friends au. Rebound by btssaysstudy a cheating au ft. The trip by dreamescapeswriting f a. All in the triangle by mintxxxy s ft. Power trip by softyoongiionly f s established relationship au. Daddy Day Care by yoonjinkooked f s a single dad au. Falling for you by mono-moonchilds s a unrequited feelings. Un welcomed addition by honeyj00ns f. Lollipop by whatifyoulivelikethat f s.

Lost and found by taleasnewastime f a strangers to lovers au. Instead, you settled for an admonishing glare, one you knew was weakened by the giddiness that you felt in his company. It was enough to tone him down a notch, although not quite sufficient enough to stop him from planting a quick kiss against your temple. Yes, he was definitely the source of your distraction the night.

Not that you had any complaints. Your legs still felt a little weakened from his powerful thrusts into you a few hours ago, and just one touch from him reminded you of how your body tingled in his arms all night. However, you needed to focus on this call.

This is gonna sound funny coming from the writer herself, but this review really left me speechless. I am, of course, talking about the cheating aspect of the story. Reasoning does not turn something wrong into right, but knowing the circumstances may help a person see what drives someone to do something unthinkable, or immoral, or downright crazy.

Nothing could make me happier. Well, other than reading your 5-paragraph review, that is. It really tickled me that you kept your comment on the smut for the very last paragraph LOL. Hilarious, but still touching in a way, because tumblr adultery showed me the effort you had tumblr adultery through to immerse yourself in the story and not just the smut.

Thank you so much for leaving this review. Sorry for being so late with the reply, but it really means a lot to me. Please note that the fics are NOT mine. DO show these authors love by reblogging their fics, giving them feedback tumblr adultery, and engaging in any positive interaction you can think of! Take your time sweet. I hope things get comfortable quickly and you have everything under control. No worries Ai! Take your time Ai!! Its understandable that moving and working in has been a shit show, update whenever possible, i will wait patiently for the next update.

The last 10 or so packages are on the way and semester is ending. Thanks again for the kind words, you guys really made me feel better! I really, really hope that you guys can understand my situation, and are willing to wait for the next chapter.

I will finish it, given time, I promise. So while it will make me sad, I do understand if readers stop reading my series. No hard feelings. Thank you for your kind patience in reading this and waiting if you choose to do so! I love you all so much. Ai's Little Dreamland. Ai ly aichan11, also Hobi's wife turns dreams into scribbles and doodles Requests closed. Keep reading this is so good Aww, thank you! Fic Recs Pt. Keep reading Thanks for including my story!

Keep reading How far are you willing to go to keep the one you love? Keep reading Tumblr adultery is gonna sound funny coming from the writer herself, but this review really left me speechless.

Tumblr adultery

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