Trials in tainted space quinn

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May 12, I have been unable to access the Pollen Dance with my female Steele. According to the creator's document, it should activate if the PC completes the Plantation Quest I did, all the way to meeting Lah in Gastigoththe PC has sex with Quinn I did, repeatedlythe PC has genitals three vaginas in facthas used all Talk options on both occasions I visited the village after quest resolutionPQ is fully resolved Quinn describes how they are trading with Esbethand the PC uses Talk again I try again and again, and the usual talk options come.

Is there anything I am doing wrong, or does it seem like a bug? Dark67titan Well-Known Member. Mar 26, Click to expand Apr 12, Minnesota, USA. What version are you using? There were some bugs in the Pollen Dance in the last public release.

The latest backer builds have fixed them. FYI unless you have a dick you will not be able to participate, only talk about it and spectate. DrunkZombie said:. One of the conditions is to not talk to her for 24 hours. When you talk to her it sets a 24 hour timer that resets if you talk to her within that time. Chaoslord New Member. Aug 13, 3 0 In all honestly the way that the zill are done doesn't seem right, in all honestly i would have thought that their births would have been egg based.

Reactions: AsexualMonster. Oct 18, 3, Yet another major bug, it looks like. Thats what, 4 major bugs related to the Pollen Dance? Oct 29, 2, 3, Go through all her talk options. It should unlock the moment you cycle through the last one. Jacques00 Administrator Moderator. Aug 26, 4, After talking through all her talk subjects, return to her after a day and talk again. She should present the topic of the festival to Steele. Also make sure your character has genitals because the festival mentions themand has sexed Quinn at least trials in tainted space quinn.

On further checks, it worked at last. Thanks to everybody for the advice. Now I'm more or less up to speed with current content again except for mating with the Frostwyrm, which I have put aside and waiting for more. Last edited: Aug 14, You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Trials in tainted space quinn

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