The coceter chronicles

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Fixed several instances where Choices were not highlighted in their respective colors. Fixed several instances where Guidance rings would turn the wrong color when the coceter chronicles Fixed several instances where Tabitha could explore beyond a maps boundries. Bug Fixes — Chapter 1 Fixed Tabitha being visible during the prelude sequence. Fixed several scenes in Chapter 1 that still used the old colored fonts for dialogue.

Fixed switching maps in Chapter 2 after following Becca into the cave from changing night into day. The coceter chronicles a Waitress appearing twice at the same time in Titty City. Fixed the game freezing when choosing to not share the bed with Courtney in Chapter 2. Fixed Bruske movement speed during cutscenes. Fixed night turning back to day when returning from Vurand. Fixed being able to enter Glamour Shots on night 1 of Chapter 3.

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The coceter chronicles

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