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Templar healer – race comparison (outdated)

Templar healer – race comparison (outdated)

Have you always wondered what are the pros and cons of the different main healing races, that is, Breton, High Elf, Argonian ? I often read “High Elf is the best for sustain, Breton has also good sustain but a bit less, Argonian is best for raw healing”, but my question was what is the reality of it ? I had a bit of fun on UESP build editor so here are my thoughts. For the TLDR guys, switch to the comparison section directly.

In order to test up the possibilities of the different races, I assumed the said healer was using a typical healer setup that is 5 Spell Power Cure and 2 Worm cult body pieces of legendary quality, 3 Worm cult jewels of epic quality, 1 powered Master restoration staff, 1 infused random lightning staff. As for the traits and enchant, I chose three infused big pieces with a prismatic enchant, and divines small pieces with magicka enchant. On the jewels, I chose one magicka recovery glyph and two spell damage glyphs. While the tooltips that I will give below obviously depends on the enchantment and exact setup, I believe the qualitative results should be the same for any “classic” healer setup. My healer is a vampire stage 4 using Clockwork citrus filet, and has magicka aid leveled up. Here are the bars I set up on the website :


For each race, I modified the attributes so that the total hp was around 18.4k unbuffed, which I think is a comfortable value. I kept the three prismatic enchants because I like having a bit more stamina on a healer. Here comes the comparison now : for each race, I first show the unbuffed “stats of interest”, that is max magicka, max hp and magicka recovery. Then, I show the healing and magicka cost tooltips as indicated on the build editor. For the healing tooltips, I assumed we were given the following buffs : warhorn, spell power cure, weapon damage enchant, minor mending, minor and major sorcery. It seems that these tooltips are not exactly the same as in game, however, they seem to be close enough. In any case, my goal isn’t to give exact tooltips but rather to show qualitative values.

1. Breton

OpportunistIncreases your experience gain with the Light Armor skill line by 15%. Increases your Alliance Points gained by 1%.
Gift of Magnus Increases your Max Magicka by 10%.
Spell ResistanceIncreases your Spell Resistance by 3960.
Magicka MasteryReduces the Magicka cost of your abilities by 3%.


Unbuffed stats (Attributes are 52 points in magicka, 12 points in health)

  • Health : 18392
  • Magicka : 36211
  • Magicka Recovery : 2356

Tooltips (Formatting : healing tooltip per tick (spell cost))

  • Healing springs 2970 (2633 magicka)
  • Combat prayer 7626 (2835 magicka)
  • Breath of life 11227 — 7413  (3443 magicka)
  • Ritual 2034 (3240 magicka)
  • Siphon 792 (1418 magicka)
  • Orbs 1046 (3443 magicka)

2. High elf

HighbornIncreases your experience gain with the Destruction staff skill line by 15%. Increases your experienced gained by 1%.
SpellchargeIncreases your Magicka Recovery by 9%.
Gift of MagnusIncreases your Max Magicka by 10%.
Elemental TalentIncreases your Flame, Frost and Shock Damage by 4%.



Unbuffed stats (Attributes are 52 points in magicka, 12 points in health)

  • Health : 18392
  • Magicka : 36211
  • Magicka Recovery : 2486

Tooltips (Formatting : healing tooltip per tick (spell cost))

  • Healing springs 2970 (2738 magicka)
  • Combat prayer 7626 (2949 magicka)
  • Breath of life 11227 — 7413  (3581 magicka)
  • Ritual 2034 (3370 magicka)
  • Siphon 792 (1475 magicka)
  • Orbs 1046 (3581 magicka)

3. Argonian

AmphibianIncreases your experience gain with the Restoration Staff skill line by 15%. Increases your swimming speed by 50%.
ResourcefulIncreases your Max Magicka by 3%. When you drink a potion, you restore 4620 Health, Magicka and Stamina.
Argonian ResistanceIncreases your Max Health by 9% and Poison and Disease resistance by 1485.
Quick to MendIncreases your healing done and healing received by 5%.


Unbuffed stats (Attributes are 62 points in magicka, 2 points in health)

  • Health : 18390
  • Magicka : 35573
  • Magicka Recovery : 2356

Note : the Magicka recovery equivalent from the Ressourceful argonian passive is 205 (granted that the potion is not used when the user is already full of magicka).

Tooltips (Formatting : healing tooltip per tick (spell cost))

  • Healing springs 3061 (2738 magicka)
  • Combat prayer 7860 (2949 magicka)
  • Breath of life 11149 — 7640  (3581 magicka)
  • Ritual 2096 (3370 magicka)
  • Siphon 822 (1475 magicka)
  • Orbs 1039 (3581 magicka)

4. Comparison

In order to compare the three classes, I will show the effective additional cost reduction per cast for each skill for Bretons, as well as the difference of healing between Argonian and the other races and the additional magicka recovery brought by being a High elf.

Magicka saved per cast being a Breton (Breton spell cost minus High elf (or Argonian) spell cost)

  • Healing springs 105 magicka
  • Combat prayer 114 magicka
  • Breath of life 138 magicka
  • Ritual 130 magicka
  • Siphon 57 magicka
  • Orbs 138 magicka
    Note that the cost of spells for High Elves and Argonian are the same.

Additional healing from the Argonian setup (Argonian healing tooltips minus High elf (or Breton) healing tooltips. NB : a negative value means the High elf (or Breton) healing is higher.)

  • Healing springs 91
  • Combat prayer 234
  • Breath of life -78 — 227
  • Ritual 62
  • Siphon 30
  • Orbs -7

NB : Two lines here show a negative value : the first heal of Breath of Life, and the ticks from Orbs. Using the coefficients on this page, I do not reproduce these results. This is an error from the build editor. Analytical considerations show that all the healing spells casted by an argonian should be about +2.5% more potent than the same for Breton or High elf.

In order to have something more meaningful, here is the healing tooltip per magicka used per second for the different healing skills comparing Breton and Argonian.


Healing Springs1.501.49
Combat Prayer2.692.67
Breath of Life3.26 — 2.153.11(! error) — 2.13
Ritual of retribution0.370.36
Quick Siphon0.560.56
Energy orb0.610.58(!error)

From these numbers, it seems that Bretons consistently get more healing per tick and per magicka spent.

Additional magicka recovery from the High Elf setup (High elf magicka recovery minus Breton/Argonian magicka recovery): 130.

Discussion While it seems that Argonians are able to provide more healing on most spells, sustain seems to be more comfortable on Breton given the fact that magicka recovery ticks only every 2s while the cost reduction is applied on every cast. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the phases where you don’t actually cast spells (heavy attacks, chilling in a corner … :)), during which, obviously, magicka recovery is better.

In this comparison, I compared only the healing tooltips and magicka recovery/cost, and didn’t include the other racial bonuses. High elf will be more efficient if you want your healer to be able to provide a bit of damage. Breton brings an additional 4k spell resistance which is absolutely insane, given that a lot of trials have incoming spell damage. Argonian brings poison and disease resistances which are not that helpful for PVE imo, but they also get 4.6k health and stamina everytime they take a potion, which is a huge boost to your survavibility. My conclusion is that this post isn’t meant to tell people “that’s the best healing race”, but rather to show the different aspects of each. See what you prefer and enjoy :)!

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