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Scalebreaker PTS Patch Notes 5.1.0 – An end-game healer opinion on the matter

Scalebreaker PTS Patch Notes 5.1.0 – An end-game healer opinion on the matter

On Saturday the 6th of July, some leaked patch notes for the upcoming Scalebreaker ESO update were revealed. As a response to these leaks, Zenimax has published the real Patch Notes for PTS week 1 (5.1.0). While these showed some interesting adjustments, they also showed […]

Necrotic Guardian – Necromancer healing guide (Dragonhold updated)

Necrotic Guardian – Necromancer healing guide (Dragonhold updated)

Introduction Welcome to my necromancer PvE healing guide :)! I will present here the skills and gear I would use in general for healing PvE content such as trials or 4-man dungeons and arenas. Some sections are kept short intentionally as my templar healing guide […]

Front Kiter in vAS – Bow/bow meta (Scalebreaker updated)

Front Kiter in vAS – Bow/bow meta (Scalebreaker updated)

Since the Wrathstone patch, bow/bow stamina dds proved to be better than magicka dds in Asylum Sanctorium. As we were pushing for a score in this trial, I modified my build to fit into this meta. In this note, I detail the build I am using, and explain a little bit the gameplay.

Attributes, consommables and Mundus

Our goal this patch is to burn Olms fast enough so that Felms does not enrage and can be completely ignored. Because of this, I have a lower health pool than usual. Therefore, I use 32 points in health and 32 points in magicka.

For food, I use Arteum Pickled Fish Bowl, playing Breton: if you are playing another race, you may want to choose a different food. I use tri-stats potions in this fight as it helps both my magicka and stamina sustain: both are equally important.

The biggest change I made to my build is regarding the Mundus stone. Indeed, I am using the Serpent Mundus to boost my stamina recovery. The strength of bow/bow builds this patch comes from the Shadow Silk synergy. Therefore, I want to be able to spam that skill as much as possible, and need a consequent stamina recovery pool. Using the Serpent Mundus along with the clockwork food gave me the best stats overall.


Here is the gear I am using with this setup:

  • On jewels and body pieces: Infallible Aether, that I keep up on the main boss and on the spheres closer to me.
  • On body pieces and on weapons: Torug’s pact. Because of the stam meta, we need a support to wear Morag Tong. We chose to have the main tank run Morag Tong, and so I needed to wear Torug’s. Depending on your group, you may want to have your tank run Torug’s Pact and run Z’en’s Redress, adjusting your build accordingly.
  • As a monster set: Symphony of Blades. This set is great to help with the group’s sustain, and there really isn’t a good alternative.

I am running 6 lights and 1 heavy, all divines (except for one piece that I was too lazy to re-craft). Running 5/1/1 would probably be better but again, too lazy to re-craft. On the big body pieces, I am running tri-stat enchants.

For the weapons, I ran double infused, with a weakening enchantment on my restoration staff and a crusher enchantment on my lightning staff. I chose to run crusher on my back bar as it is the bar on which I spend most of my time. As I am the only one running Torug’s, it is important to keep an uptime as high as possible on this debuff.

On my jewels, I ran two swift traits and one arcane. I found that because I was using more spiders and less orbs, I had to spend less time as close as possible to the group, so two swift jewels were enough. I chose to run one stamina and two magicka recovery enchantments.


The skills I use are the same as in my Front Kiter guide, the only exception being elemental drain that I replaced with Shadow Silk. Indeed, as we run only stamina dds, elemental drain is not needed.

Champion points

These CPs are the same as in my other guide.

Green tree :

Sprinter 63

Arcanist 75
Tenacity 49

Shadow Ward 40
Tumbling 43

Red tree :

Iron Clad 72
Spell Shield 75

Hardy 23
Thick Skinned 23
Elemental Defender 64

Bastion 13

Blue tree :

Blessed 64
Elfborn 66
Spell erosion 22
Elemental expert 32

Staff expert 14
Master-at-arms 28

Thaumaturge 44


Compared to before, we want to use the spider skill as much as possible when the boss is vulnerable. Basically, this means that we have to pay attention and know when there is a protector up, as using spiders at this time is wasting our stamina.

When the boss is not protected, we want to use spiders every other skills to leave some time for the ability to be activated. In particular, before the 90% jumps, that is what we want to do. At the same time, all the usual buff, debuffs and synergies should be kept up, with the addition of crusher.

On the other hand, when the boss is invulnerable or when we are out of stamina, we go back to use radiative regeneration and energy orb in the group to help with the healing and with the sustain.

I hope it helped and feel free to ask questions!

Racial changes in Wrathstone: a healer point of view

Racial changes in Wrathstone: a healer point of view

In this post, we discuss the racial changes that happened in Wrathstone, and how it impacted our racial choice for PvE healing. For this, we consider the case of templar, warden and sorcerer healers, are those are the most relevant choices in the current meta.:) […]

vCR kiting – Warden healing guide (Murkmire updated)

vCR kiting – Warden healing guide (Murkmire updated)

Introduction Welcome to my warden healing guide for Cloudrest. This guide is similar to my AS front kiting guide, as it focuses on one role : shard picker and kiter in CR. The build as pretty much entirely been designed by the amazing @Nick5262 <3, […]

Summerset Update – What is new for healers

Summerset Update – What is new for healers

The Summerset update finally came ! And with it, a lot of exciting changes for us healers. While I will update my healer guide soon (after some testings), I wanted to write this small post to discuss the main changes that are relevant to us healer. 🙂 The amazing Nick (@Nick5262) and I have been talking a lot lately, and so this discussion is partly the fruit of our incoming compendium.
Don’t forget to hover your mouse over the underlined link to get sets tooltips !

A new set : Vestment of Olorime

We healer finally get an alternative for Spell Power Cure ! The fifth piece of our faithful companion becomes a named buff, Major Courage, and we get a new set called Vestment of Olorime that gives the exact same buff. The condition on which it applies is pretty different though :

Casting ground effect abilities in combat will create a circle of might on the ground for 10 seconds. You and your allies in the circle gain Major Courage for 30 seconds, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 258 for 30 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

The very interesting point of this set is that, contrary to SPC, you can have the buff on 12 players ! That means that we don’t need to have it on both healers, so we get basically a “free” extra healing set in a trial group :).

The buffing AoE is about the size of a templar’s rune – about 4m in radius. It appears when you cast any ground-targeted abilities, whether they are healing abilities or not !

  • For circular AoEs (springs, shards, ritual, rune, blood altar), the buffing AoE will be centered in the middle of the circle. That is, for springs or shards, it will be wherever you targeted these abilities. For ritual, rune and altar, the AoE will be centered on you.
  • Lightning blockade can also proc the set, but somehow the buffing AoE appears at weird location : if there is an enemy target in your blockade, the AoE will appear under it. If not, the AoE will appear right in front of you.
  • Combat prayer seems not to proc it.

The difference between the imperfected and perfected versions is quite small since the perfected set just gives an additional five-pieces max magicka bonus (1096 with a legendary set). 🙂

While you could think that the AoE will be too small so the set too hard to used, people have been reporting to get uptimes of 80%+ of Major Courage using this set. In particular, Nick had the opportunity to test it in vCR+1 and noticed uptimes of about 80-90% on every dds, even tho the fight is quite mobile.

Staves counting as two pieces of a set

In Summerset, two-handed weapons and in particular staves now count as two pieces in terms of set bonuses. That means that as healers we will finally be able to use monster set : 2 pieces from a monster set + 5 body pieces from set 1 + 3 jewels pieces and 2 staff pieces from set 2. In our opinion, the Asylum’s (Perfected) Restoration Staff still remains extremely interesting if used properly as it gives you a huge sustain and enables you to provide your group with lots of expensive orbs:). However, we will be able to enjoy the fact that some sets can be used only on your back bar : in particular, Jorvuld’s Guidance or Master Architect since they give buffs through the usage of horn, and Infallible Aether as the debuff can be applied from your back bar only.

Monster sets

As healers, we have several options to use depending on the situation ! I will list here the ones that seems the most interesting in a group environment.

  • Earthgore : having been reworked for Summerset, it now provides a really strong HoT for 6s on a quite large area. In our opinion, it will be nice in situations where there is a bit of movement and people are a bit scattered (typically Asylum Sanctorium). While this set is nice, we definitely think it is not a one-size-fits-all. In particular, what I don’t like with this set is that the triggering threshold (healing people under 50%) is kinda high, so it means it will probably proc at moments where it’s not really needed and then be unavailable for 35s.
  • Sentinel of Rkugamz : this set has a chance to proc a cute lil dwemer spider whenever you heal someone, creating an AoE with a five-meter radius. Allies in this AoE will get a quite strong heal and an insane stamina regen (with a 100% uptime, it gives an effective stamina recovery of more than 500!). This set will be quite strong in instances where people can be stacked enough so everyone – and in particular your stamina dds – can enjoy the AoE. It still requires some testings tho, as the little spider can be apparently killed quite easily.
  • Nightflame : whenever you heal someone, you get a small chance to proc a totem that will create a five-meter-radius healing AoE. The healing it does is really strong, and this AoE can be up 100% of the time. While this will definitely not be useful in every situation, it can help in fights where you take an insane amount of damage. In particular, it is quite good during the execute of vCR, when Z’maja applies a healing debuff to your group.
  • Lord Warden : this set has a chance to spawn an eight-meter-radius AoE centered on your position that will give almost 4k spell and physical resistance to you and allies within it, whenever you take damage. While it is usually used by tanks, it could be useful in cases where the tanks can’t “cover” the entire group with its AoE, so maybe in some trash pulls.
  • Blood Spawn : when none of the sets above are useful, Blood Spawn seems like an interesting option. It gives you a chance to regen ultimate (and gain some resistances) whenever you take damage. Of course, this should not be used in combat where healers take very little damage instances … 🙂

What to do with all this?

We now have monster sets, three sets that needs to be active on both bars (Mending, Worm, Olorime, potentially also Twilight Remedy and Sanctuary) and three sets that can be slotted only back bar (Jorvuld, IA, Master Architect). In our opinion, Mending should be used only in fights where it’s really useful (see upcoming article !), and Worm is not an essential set as if your healers can provide a sufficiently large number of synergies, the cost reduction it provides is not needed. Therefore, Mending and Worm will (almost) never need to be worn together. So here is how we think healers will set themselves up for trials :

Healer 1 : preferably a more “ranged” healer for a maximal control of the position of the Olorime’s AoE.

Healer 2 : preferably a more “melee” healer.

About traits, enchantments, buff food

I will keep this section short as it will be discussed at greater length either in my healing guide or in another post in collaboration with Nick. With these big changes, and in particular with the fact that Olorime brings two additional magicka recovery buffs compared to SPC, we will most likely change our setup in order to avoid over-stacking regen and get the best stats/healing output. Our early “playing with stats” tests show that blue food may be the best option available this patch, with some changes to our gear enchantments and traits.

Summerset also brings new jewel traits, and in particular the infused traits that increase the strength of the enchantment on that jewel by 60%. On your spell damage jewels, the infused trait will provide more raw healing (or damage) than the arcane trait. However, you also need to consider that a bigger magicka pool means a better sustain, so you might still prefer Arcane. This will depend on your preferences and play style as well as on your race, since Argonians for example benefit more from a greater magicka pool.


I hope this was interesting, stay tuned for my upcoming update of my PvE healing guide and the healing Compendium featuring Nick :)!


Front Kiting in vAS – Healplar Guide (Scalebreaker Updated)

Front Kiting in vAS – Healplar Guide (Scalebreaker Updated)

Introduction Welcome to this new guide ! It will be a bit peculiar because it will be solely focused on how to front kite in vAS – that is, in front of Saint Olms, behind the main tank – as a templar. I will discuss […]

“Tabatta Heal Me!” – Healplar PvE Guide (Dragonhold Updated)

“Tabatta Heal Me!” – Healplar PvE Guide (Dragonhold Updated)

Introduction Welcome to my PvE healing guide :)! This build aims to be as general as possible, whether you are new to healing in ESO or you want to improve your healing game play, or just read different thoughts. While this is not going to […]

Magicka Recovery vs. Cost Reduction glyphs – a healer point of view (Dragonhold updated)

Magicka Recovery vs. Cost Reduction glyphs – a healer point of view (Dragonhold updated)

Have you ever wondered if you should go with magicka recovery or with cost reduction glyphs on your jewels on your healer ? We discuss here the benefits of one or the other and compare them for the different healing classes. 🙂


Templar healer – race comparison (outdated)

Templar healer – race comparison (outdated)

Have you always wondered what are the pros and cons of the different main healing races, that is, Breton, High Elf, Argonian ? I often read “High Elf is the best for sustain, Breton has also good sustain but a bit less, Argonian is best […]