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Welcome to our Death and Taxes Endings Guide. In thiswe'll show you how to achieve every ending in the game. Some endings can be obtained by earning points in four hidden stats, these are Ecology, Prosperity, Health and Peace. Whenever you mark a person to die or live, they will affect some of these stats, they can decrease or increase any of the stats. If you look at the first row in our table at the bottom, the person has a value of 20 in Prosperity and 10 in Peace, this means by marking this person to die, you will get points in Prosperity and Peace, and marking him to live will get you points in Ecology and Prosperity.

Usually, getting a score lower than will trigger a bad ending of that stat. Say you reach the final day with on Ecology, this will trigger the Ecology Bad Ending, and if the score is higher than that, you guessed it, it's the Ecology Good Ending. As we described in the introductorythis game has 30 different possible endings, a product of the combination between 2 simultaneous stat-based endings, another ending depending on the former, and a personal ending.

This all might sound a little confusing, so you can help yourself with the image below, plus a more detailed written part:. As we explained in the introduction to this guide, deciding the fate of someone will increase or decrease any of the four stats. To get sounds of verity walkthrough endings in this category, you need to try and keep a score either higher or lower than in any of the stats.

These endings depend on the two stat-based endings you get on each run. Getting a score lower than will earn you a bad ending on a certain stat, and as you might've guessed, a score higher than will get you the good ending. Some endings like Balaare a bit more tricky, since you can get two scores higher thantechnically meeting the requirements, but you could still miss the achievement if your lowest score is too low, we think you need to also get a total average of or higher with all stats.

These endings are independent of the stat-based endings, instead, they depend on your individual decisions. This is the easiest ending to achieve. Complying to the daily of necessary deaths should be enough to get this ending. The two lists below show the days you can interact with the mirror and red profiles. To get to this ending, you must absolutely adhere to the rules, and also showing enthusiasm about your job and about the human killing towards Fate.

If everything was done correctly, by Day 14, Fate should reveal his plans to you. And, obviously, when Fate reveals his ulterior motives to you, agree with them. Because this game randomises your given profiles each day, we cannot help you with a step-by-step guide.

However, as said profiles are not procedurally generated, we have redacted a table you can refer to decide your actions each day so that you can achieve your desired endings. The guide is not complete, as the game has a wide variety of profiles to pick out from, but the stats provided here were all enough to achieve every single run, so it should suffice as reference. Leave sounds of verity walkthrough comment if you want to help filling out this table! Death and Taxes. Edit. Low Ecology: Achieve or lower Ecology points at game end. Unlocks the Global Warming achievement.

High Ecology: Achieve or higher Ecology points at game end. Unlocks the Treehugger achievement. Low Prosperity: Achieve 88 or lower Prosperity points at game end. Unlocks the Back to the Roots achievement. High Prosperity: Achieve or highe Prosperity points at game end. Unlocks the Stonks achievement. Low Health: Achieve 88 or lower Health points at game end. Unlocks the Plague Doctor achievement. High Health: Achieve or higher Health points at game end. Unlocks the Cure Cancer achievement. Low Peace: Achieve 88 or lower Peace points at game end.

Unlocks the Total War achievement. High Peace: Achieve or higher Peace points at game end. Unlocks the War Peace achievement. A list of days where you can interact with the mirror Day 4. Day 6. Day 7. Day 9. Day Days a red profile will appear if you talk to the mirror Day Kill everyone.

There are no profiles, just end the day without doing anything. Let the human in the red profile live. Kill the human in the red profile. Read the red profile. Their profile is marked red. Spare the human in the red profile. Kill the human in the last profile. Last edited by bishielurfer on Mar 11, 21 am. Add Comment. Some data to help populate the Stat table. Thanks Nommy! I'll update the table with your data. Help, I don't really understand where you can see these s in the game. You're not supposed to see the s. In reality, the idea is that you're supposed to measure each choice and their consequences they have on the real world.

In it, we could see the ed sounds of verity walkthrough in stats for every profile we marked, and that's how we've got the table set up. Thanks for the reply, I figured it out now and will provide additional data soon. The docs are private. You can always add the information to this yourself. Click on edit at the top. I'll add my info when I find the time. DNT Watcher doesn't work anymore, it says that the website is deactivated.

Can someone explain to me what the gadget from cerri does? Another gadget I need help with is the translucent yellow skull that floats around saying "Death and taxes! I wonder if this spirit stole all the taxes" What does it do and how did I get it? Death and Taxes Guide Home.

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Sounds of verity walkthrough

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