Sexy harem girl costumes

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These exotic costumes include gypsy, genie, Bollywood and harem costumes among other sexy Middle Eastern- Asian- and Egyptian-themed costumes. Keep it more conservative or go for one of our ultra-sexy and revealing costumes. Most of these magic costumes feature billowy, flowing sheer fabric that drapes attractively around your body.

Wide-legged harem pants are usually accompanied by a tight, midriff-baring crop top in a matching bright color. Sometimes the sheer fabric is complemented by shiny satin or sequined accessories. Many of our genie costumes also feature gold or silver trim and are completed by the addition of a sheer head scarf or a small genie hat. We also carry sexy harem costumes that closely resemble the style of sexy harem girl costumes genie costumes.

Some of our Middle Eastern-themed costumes also include sexy belly dancer costumes. Your future will hold a fun night of role play or a successful costume party in one of the sexy gypsy costumes from Lingerie Diva. These sexy fortune teller costumes are made up of traditional gypsy clothing, including long, flowing peasant skirts, off-the-shoulder blouses and laced-up corsets. Some of our sexy gypsy costumes have fuller or shorter skirts while others have long, bell sleeves. Many of them are paired with velvety head scarves, gold jewelry and waist scarves that make pleasant jingling sounds as you move.

Many of our fortune teller Halloween costumes are made with very brightly colored fabrics that are sure to stand out whenever you wear them. Size Extra Small. Extra Large. One Size Fits All. Color Black. Recently Viewed. Be the first to know about new deals

Sexy harem girl costumes

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