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Defective vagina! I vaginally delivered my beautiful son, who weighed nine pounds and one ounce. I am taking full credit for that one extra ounce. Leading up to his birth, my doctor scheduled ultrasounds every week for the last month to keep close track on his growth and planted the seed that I should be fully prepared for a cesarean, given how large he might be.

At the time, I was devastated thinking that I might not have the perfect birth moment. But, my son seemed to understand my anxiety. By wriggling around inside a space becoming much too small, he broke my water, prompting a rushed and excited drive to the hospital.

I sobbed holding him in my arms for the first time, and my husband and I delighted in his sex story post thighs and bountiful rolls. He was perfect. Source: Mohammad Ali Jafarian Unsplash. Somewhere along the way, I popped a stitch.

But my sex story post was hopeful that my body would heal itself over time. I tried to be patient. I tried to will myself to heal, to fix this situation, but to no avail. Ten weeks postpartum and two weeks before I had to go back to work, I found myself lying on a hospital gurney under a heated blanket waiting for surgery. Waiting to have a repaired episiotomy. The surgery was a success, and after several weeks of extreme caution and baited breath, my doctor pronounced me fit as a fiddle. This meant sex. This meant exercise. The sex? The sex part was terrifying.

All of my friends who had already gone through this transition warned me that it sex story post hurt, but that it would get better within a few months. We planned the night carefully by having a nice dinner, knowing what was to come. I primed myself with several cocktails because to be completely honest, I was dreading it.

I missed the intimacy and desperately wanted to reconnect with my husband in this way, but I was scared of the pain and deep down, scared that somehow my scar tissue would rip right open. Unsurprisingly, the sex was awful. That sex was horribly painful, that I had anxiety and found myself coming up with excuses to not have it. My husband, being one of the most patient, kind, and loving people I know, never pressured me and would tell me over and over again that it was okay and that he just wanted me to feel better.

Source: Sylvie Tittel Unsplash. My doctor had referred me to another expert, reassuring me that outwardly, everything looked great. That is how I got here, to this day. More than a year and a half out from having and still feeling emotionally scarred and more than a little broken from it all. I found myself undressing from the waist down, positioning myself on the hard bed with a sheet covering my vulnerability. Through the patience and kindness of a wonderful physical therapist — who held my hand and sat with me while I cried — I was able to begin my road to a real recovery.

This kind of pain, the kind that makes you cringe and squint your eyes shut is NOT normal. We keep the unmentionables to ourselves because no one wants to get too personal or scare anyone else. Mine has lasted over a year and a half and is still ongoing. Again, the unmentionables. Source: Pixabay Pexels. I know there are other women struggling with this same situation. I passed them in the waiting room going in and out of my appointments, everyone sitting quietly, staring at their phones. January 17, My secret weapon? Using Blue Apron's subscription meal kits to get these affordable and delicious meals on the table in 30 minutes or less.

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Sex story post

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