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The Sanctified Fire – Magsorc PvE Nonpet Build (Wolfhunter Updated)

The Sanctified Fire – Magsorc PvE Nonpet Build (Wolfhunter Updated)

This build is no longer been updated, as I do not play magsorc anymore and Arthas left the game.


Welcome to my Sanctified Fire build for magicka sorcerer ! This build is a nonpet build, based on a light attack rotation. The advantages are :

  • Huge Single Target damage : this build is more bursty than my pet build. The reason is that, without the pet, we will have a much better time sustaining a light attack rotation.
  • No pet ! That means no need to resummon it 20 times. No need to switch to a different build if you can’t use the pet in the fight … <3
  • Nice AoE damage, even though it will be lower than with a pet.

The drawbacks are :

  • Sustain may be tricky if you don’t get enough synergies.
  • As this is a light attack rotation, it isn’t really ping friendly.

This build is specifically made for group content – trial or dungeons -, but it can be adapted for solo content as well like vMA. A really special thank you to Arthas (@Arthas120) for all the testings, this build wouldn’t be here without his help :). All the parses are his (except the skeleton ones), as I don’t have much the opportunity to play magsorc in trials lately. He is the true master sorcerer :p. This build will be organized as follows (click on the links for quick travel) :

1. Race
2. Attributes
3. Food and Potions
4. Mundus
5. Gear
6. Champion Points
7. Passives
8. Skills
9. Stats
10. Rotation
11. Parses

1. Race

High elf provides a bonus to your shock and fire damage, as well as a bit of a boost to your sustain, so for me they are the best option, but I guess Dark Elf is really close. Another option would be Breton that gives a bit more sustain but less damage.


2. Attributes

64 points in magicka.


3. Food and Potions

We’ll be using Clockwork Citrus Filet (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka recovery or Health recovery) or Witchmother’s Potent Brew if you can’t afford the filet, and Spell Power potions (Lady’s smock, Corn Flower, Water Hyacinth), to get major prophecy on both bars and major sorcery. Make sure to have three points in the alchemist passive “Medicinal use” to get 100% on those two buffs.



4. Mundus

With acuity being dead, the Thief is your best option. Otherwise, the Apprentice is still strong. Use the Lover if you are solo playing or if you don’t have an organized group.

5. Gear


Chest(Perfected) Mantle of Siroria
Legs(Perfected) Mantle of Siroria
Hands(Perfected) Mantle of Siroria
Waist(Perfected) Mantle of Siroria
Feet(Perfected) Mantle of Siroria
NecklaceMother's SorrowArcaneSpell damage
Ring 1Mother's SorrowArcaneSpell damage
Ring 2Mother's SorrowArcaneSpell damage
Main bar weaponMother's Sorrow Inferno StaffInfusedWeapon damage enchant
Off bar weaponMaelstrom Arena fire staffInfusedFire enchant

This patch, we have a lot of different options for magsorc. I’ll be running :

  • 5 (Perfected) Mantle of Siroria body pieces (drops in Cloudrest) : this set is really the best sets for magicka, you want to farm it as soon as possible.
  • 2 Ilambris (if you have to play ranged) or 2 Zaan (if you can have a melee spot) head and shoulders, in heavy and medium (drops in Crypt of Hearts I and undaunted chests). If your group isn’t keeping combat prayer up (AS, CR notably), Slimecraw is your best bet.
  • 3 Mother’s Sorrow jewels and 1 inferno staff (drops in Deshaan) – see other options below.
  • 1 Maelstrom Inferno Staff, infused (drops in veteran Maelstrom Arena). Since Dragon Bones, you don’t have to apply off-balance anymore and fire blockade provides more dps.

A few notes on the traits and enchantments :

  • With the changes made to light and heavy attacks scaling this patch, you want to use 3 infused big (head, chest, legs) pieces and 4 divines small (hands, waist, feet, shoulders) pieces.
  • You want to run 5/1/1 (Light/Heavy/Medium) for the Undaunted Mettle passive.
  • With this build, you will have very little hp (15.3k with the Clockwork Citrus Filet). If you find that you need more hp, put two tristat enchants on big pieces (head, chest or legs), or if you can’t afford tristat glyphs, one health glyph on a big piece (helm, chest or legs).
  • Infused main hand is a classic for this patch. You want to use a fire staff frontbar because with this build, the majority of your damage will be Single Target. 
  • For the off hand, you want to run a fire staff for the 20% additional damage to burning targets. If no one in your team is using lightning blockade, you should still use a lightning staff on back bar. If you have trouble sustaining, I would also choose to run a lightning staff backbar because you will get more damage from your heavy attacks.
  • About weapon enchants : with the Wolfhunter dlc, we have a big change as fire blockade on our back bar now procs the back bar enchants. We now have different options, depending on the fight and your group :
      • Shock front bar and fire back bar is the best option for pure single target fights.
      • Berserker enchant front bar and fire (or prismatic for fights with daedras) back bar is really strong if you can make sure that the fire enchant will proc on the correct target (note that fire blockade always procs your damage enchant on the closest target).
      • Fire front bar and berserker back bar remains a strong option when the other two aren’t viable – for example, vMoL 1st boss, vAS+2, and so on.
      • Absorb magicka front bar and fire back bar is an amazing option for longer fights as sustain is really trash on magsorc, or even for shorter fights, switching to blue food.
      • For a more detailed discussion about enchantments, check out Liko‘s video description. It also applies to magsorcs. 🙂
  • If you still have trouble sustaining, you can use one magicka recovery glyph on a jewel.

Alternative gear : you want to always keep Siroria, as it’s currently the best set for magicka dds. Instead of Mother’s Sorrow, you can use :

6. Champion Points

Keep in mind that green and red champion points should be adapted to what you are doing. For your blue champion points, the number of points in spell erosion will depend on your team and the uptime you have on penetration debuffs. The rest of my blue CPs have been determined using the awesome Constellations addon by Decay2.

Green tree :

Arcanist 75
Tenacity 75

Warlord 39

Shadow Ward 37
Tumbling 34


Red tree : depends on the trial you are doing.

Ironclad 66
Spell Shield 37

Thick Skinned 48
Elemental Defender 49
Hardy 49

Quick Recovery 11

Blue tree :

In situations where you can pretty much make sure that your target(s) will be set off balance on cooldown :

Thaumaturge 75

Elemental expert 49
Elfborn 56
Spell erosion 24

Master-at-arms 56

Otherwise :

Thaumaturge 40

Elemental expert 56
Elfborn 56
Spell erosion 26

Master-at-arms 66
Staff Expert 16


7. Passives

For this build, the following passives are essential (of course, it’s good to have all the passives from at least the three sorcerer skill lines …) :

  • Daedric Summoning : Rebate II, Daedric Protection II, Expert Summoner II.
  • Dark Magic : Unholy knowledge II, Blood Magic II, Exploitation II.
  • Storm Calling : Capacitor II, Energized II, Implosion II, Expert Mage II.
  • Destruction Staff : Trifocus II, Penetrating Magic II, Elemental Force II, Ancient Knowledge II, Destruction Expert II.
  • Light Armor : Recovery III, Evocation II, Spell Warding II, Prodigy II, Concentration II.
  • Fighter’s guild : Intimidating Presence, Banish the wicked III.
  • Mage’s guild : Magicka Controller II, Might of the guild II.
  • Psijic’s guild : Clairvoyance II, Spell Orb II.
  • Undaunted : Undaunted Command II, Un/sdaunted Mettle II.
  • All your racial passives.
  • Alchemy : Medicinal Use III.

Vampire ? Being a vampire stage two gives you 10% increase in magicka regen, which is always a nice bonus. I switched to vampire recently because the new skin from Scalecaller Peak enables to hide it pretty well.


8. Skills

Front bar (Mother’s Sorrow Fire Staff, infused with fire enchant):

  • Bound Aegis : Minor ward/resolve (which is given by combat prayer already, but always nice), and 8% max magicka, so a really great boost.
  • Elemental Weapon : Single Target ability that applies a status effect randomly. It also procs your Spell Orb passive and do more damage. We prefer this to Force Pulse because it’s so much cheaper !
  • Crystal Fragments : A really strong single target ability that you should use only when it’s procced, of course. It’s a really huge damage and will grant Minor Prophecy to you and your teammates.
  • Mage’ wrath/ Endless Fury : Our execute, which isn’t as powerful as impale but still nice damage. Strictly speaking, Mage’s Wrath is more damage. However, I run with endless fury cause it’s better for solo PVE (and in particular in vMA) and I’m too lazy to remorph it.
  • Inner Light : 5% max magicka (and an extra 2% with Magicka Controller II), and Major Prophecy (which isn’t really needed if you use spell power potions). If Solo, you can replace this with surge. 
  • ULTIMATE : Elemental rage. One of the most powerful ultimate in the game, insane damage and a very large AOE, which makes it imo the best choice for trash fights but also for boss fights with lots of adds. Needed on front bar for the ancient knowledge passive.


Back bar (Maelstrom inferno staff, infused with berserker enchant):

  • Channeled Acceleration : Gives you minor force for 36s. Make sure not to use it at retarded times as it is a channel :>.
  • Liquid lightning : One of our main source of damage, high damage AOE. Be careful that its radius isn’t so big, so it must be positioned adequately.
  • Haunting Curse : A nice damage skill with delay that will explode twice in 12s.
  • Elemental blockade : Strong AOE dot as well, must be up 100% to enjoy the insane crushing wall bonus from our Maelstrom as well. Fire blockade does 20% more dps to burning enemies, so it will be more potent than blockade of storms.
  • Empowered ward : What gives the magsorc a high survivability. Not only is it a strong ward, but it also gives 10% extra magicka recovery to you (which is not so useful) and to allies (which is cool for them), but for me the most important part for me is that it lasts 10s, which makes it possible, if the situation requires it, to cast it once per rotation and keep it up 100%.
  • ULTIMATE : Greater storm atronach. With Dragon Bones, the atronach has been buffed as it now scales with your max stats, and now provides awesome single target as well as a nice major berserk for the teammates who can use the synergy. You want to use this morph as the longer duration brings better single target damage. On burst situations, or on fights with a lot of adds, the destro ult is still preferable.


9. Stats


10. Rotation

The rotation is now a bit more dynamic than it used to be. The most important thing is to keep Elemental Blockade and Liquid Lightning up. Ideally, you’d want to use them both on cooldown whenever they are available. If you struggle with that, I recommend, whenever you go back bar, to cast blockade then liquid lightning together. This way, you can swap back whenever your blockade is about to run out and recast liquid lightning at the same time, getting an uptime as high as possible on both.

Try also to keep 100% uptime on minor force through Channeled Acceleration, so make sure to track it. Then, with that, try to use Haunting Curse whenever it’s available. Make sure not to recast it too soon as you would lose the final damage :).

The rest of the time, stay on your front bar and spam Elemental Weapon, using Crystal Fragments whenever it’s available. In execute, use Mage’s Wrath instead of Elemental Weapon for more damage.

11. Parses

On all the parses below, CPs are the same as above, that is, my trial CPs, no extra point in penetration, no lover. The parses on skeleton are averaged parses, the uptimes are not extra lucky.

Coming soon.

8 thoughts on “The Sanctified Fire – Magsorc PvE Nonpet Build (Wolfhunter Updated)”

  • Tabatta bonjour , je ne peux pas jouer la config avec bâton Asyle , car je ne l’ai JAMAIS looté 🙁
    Quelle serait la meilleure la rota avec la configuration : acuité , Ilambris , Danselune ou Aether ( je suppose que l’on supprime les AL de l’onde puissante .. ) à te lire
    Merci par avance 🙂

    • Salut :). Si tu n’as pas le bâton de l’asyle, la rotation est la même ! Il faut juste ajuster les sets :). (Avec Summerset, le setup va changer donc ne te préoccupe pas trop du bâton de l’asyle).

  • Salut Tabatta,
    Je suis actuellement CP 300 donc pas encore de stuff raid ni même Maelstrom.
    Arthas et toi conseilleriez quoi comme combinaison de stuff ?
    J’ai fait un julianos + burning spellweave. Acuité serait meilleur que julianos ?
    Et merci pour ce guide

    • Salut ! Spellweave et Julianos est un très bon choix 🙂 acuité est un peu mort ce patch depuis le nerf. Si tu peux farmer Siroria non parfait, c’est un peu meilleur que Julianos !

  • Salut Tabatta !

    Content de voir une française proposer un build aux petits oignons 😉

    Penses-tu le mettre à jour avec Murkmire ?

    J’ai bien envie de reconvertir mon petsorc en magsorc et ce build me tente, mais avant d’investir dans les sets, j’aimerais savoir sur quoi partir.
    J’ai notamment un bâton infernal de Siroria, est-ce que c’est une bonne idée de l’utiliser en frontbar ? Sachant que j’ai pas de bâton Maelstrom, par quoi je peux le remplacer pour la back bar ?

    Merci d’avance pour tes conseils !

    • Salut! Effectivement je vais le mettre à jour, mais je n’ai pas encore eu le temps de faire des tests pour le moment.
      Si tu n’as pas de bâton de maelstrom, je te conseille d’utiliser un set monstre, puis Siroria sur les pièces d’armure, puis le chagrin maternel (mother’s sorrow) sur les bijoux et les deux armes. C’est une petite perte de dps par rapport à Maelstrom, mais ce n’est pas non plus énorme énorme. Bon courage!

  • Bonjour je comprend pas trop ta rotation faut utilisé foudre liquide- mur elemental- malediction- aprés la suite je sais pas car moi j utilise onde ecrasante c est plus le cas?

    • Bonjour, désolée pour la réponse tardive ! L’onde écrasante est plus chère que l’arme élémentaire, c’est pour ça qu’on ne l’utilise plus. L’idée de la rotation c’est d’avoir une rotation dynamique plutôt que fixe, pour ne pas recast les DoTs trop souvent et donc gagner un peu de dps. J’espère que ça aide :)!

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