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Permalink master. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Raw Blame. Open with Desktop View raw View blame. Here, I'll tell you about some of the most important ones. Here, I'll demonstrate them for you. When the container a displayable is in supports it, you can use properties like align, anchor, pos, and so so on. Outside of the say screen, it isn't used much. This used to apply per-Character styles, and help with auto-forward mode. But these are the ones you can expect to see in your game, in the default screens.

If it's in the images directory or defined with the image statement, you can just put the name inside a quoted string. Here, we add the Solid displayable, showing a solid block of color. These can renpy show screen or otherwise transform the displayable being added. It takes one argument, the text to be displayed. For example, size sets the size of the text. It takes two arguments, the of columns and the of rows.

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Notice how in this example, the empty cell is filled with a null. This lets you place displayables anywhere in the screen.

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To prevent that, we use the xsize and ysize properties to set its size in advance. A fixed is automatically added, and the children are added to it. When many displayables are nested, adding a layout to each could cause crazy indent levels. It's just a convenience to make screens more readable. While a frame isn't strictly required, many screens have one or more of them. That's why there are two displayables that are intended to give backgrounds to user interface elements. Frame is the one we use above, and it's deed to provide a background for arbitrary parts of the user interface.

It's used to provide the text window. If you're reading what I'm saying, you're looking at the text window right now. Buttons can be selected by clicking with the mouse, by touch, or with the keyboard and controller.

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Since that child can be a layout, it can takes as many children as you want. To make that easier, there's the textbutton displayable that takes the text as an argument. They also take Button-specific properties, like a sound to play on hover. These are applied to the text displayable it creates internally. Instead, we'd create custom styles and tell Ren'Py to use them. The value can be static, animated, or adjustable by the player.

Here, a StaticValue sets the range to and the value to 66, making a bar that's two thirds full.

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If we didn't do that, the bar would expand to fill all available horizontal space. The styles are selected by the style property, with the default selected by the value. It's used to display values that the player can't adjust, like a life or progress bar. It's used for values the player is expected to adjust, like a volume preference.

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When used as a scrollbar, the thumb in the center changes size to reflect the visible area of a viewport. Just look at the difference between the bar, slider, and scrollbar styles. Let me start by showing you an example of an imagemap in action. Maybe you can change that. When we display them as part of a screen, only one of them will show up as focused. The button here will never be shown, since it will never be marked as selected.

Any renpy show screen can be used where an image is expected. Now that it's an imagemap, you can interact with it if you want to. Ren'Py will use the idle or hover images to replace them. It can also take actions that are run when it's hovered and unhovered, just like a button can. Here's the script for it. It's long, but the imagemap itself is fairly simple. On one hand, they are easy for a deer to create, and can look very good. At the same time, they can be hard to translate, and text baked into images may be blurry when the window is scaled.

That's what the viewport displayable is for. Since the viewport will expand to the size of the screen, we use the xysize property to make it smaller. The two s are the size of the edges, and the speed in pixels per second. The scrollbars property can take 'both', 'horizontal', and 'vertical' as values.

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To explain what it does, I first have to show you what happens when we don't have it. That's because Ren'Py is offering it space that isn't big enough. It takes a horizontal and vertical size. If one component is None, it takes the size of the viewport. It combines a viewport and a grid into a single displayable, except it's more efficient than either, since it doesn't have to draw every. If one is omitted, Ren'Py figures it out from the other and the of children. You ed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You ed out in another tab or window.

Renpy show screen

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