Elder Scrolls Online

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

I will add here the answers to questions that I’ve been asked.

Healing Questions

Q: What add-ons are you using?

A: Here are the add-ons which I use in raids:

  • Azurah (moves UI elements such as the synergy button)
  • BugEater
  • Champion Point Respec (saves CPs presets to change them fast)
  • Combat Metrics (analyzes your uptimes)
  • DarkUI (aesthetic)
  • Hodor Reflexes (shares ultimate and dps with your group)
  • Improved Death Recap (helps you understand better what killed you)
  • Auto Category + Inventory Insight (gear management)
  • Kyoma’s Repair n’ Recharge (does it even in fight)
  • Light Attack Helper (counts your LA used per second)
  • LuiExtended – Combat info (potion tracker) + Units Frames (attribute bars and group frame)
  • Olorime (tracks the cooldown of the set if you are using it)
  • Raid Notifier
  • RaidBuffs (tracks debuffs such as minor vulnerability, crusher, weakening, power of the light, etc)
  • RipFilter (tracks noobs dying)
  • S’rendarr (tracks AoE and buffs such as blockade of storm, blood altar, etc)
  • Warhorn Tracker (tracks the warhorn buff even if you didn’t receive it)
  • WTBconduits (tracks your tanks’ synergy -conduits, orbs, harvest, etc) cooldowns aswell as Alkosh and indicates when they need a synergy)
  • Group Synergy Tracker (tracks the synergy cooldowns for any members in your group)
  • In addition, I also use:
    – Asylum Sanctorium Status Pannel & Asylum Tracker in AS
    – Halls of Fabrication Status Pannel in HoF
    – Overload Timer and Untaunted (as RaidBuffs does not track minor vulnerability on the mini bosses) in CR

Q: Healing Springs or Illustrious Healing?

A: Healing Springs provides a buff to your sustain. However, the extra healing from Illustrious Healing is, in my opinion, a must have.