Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

I will add here the answers to questions that I’ve been asked.

Healing Questions

Q : Why don’t you use blue food instead of citrus filet, and use more regen on your jewel glyphs ?

A : Most of your heals scale proportionally to Max\ Magicka + 10.5 \times Spell\ Damage. Taking into account all your spell damage multipliers and max magicka multipliers, one spell damage enchant is equivalent to a 1475 Max Magicka bonus, unbuffed. Given that, if you want to keep a high enough regen, you’d have to swap our two spell damage enchantments for blue food, it’s not worth it in the end.

Q : Why don’t you use the ritual mundus with full magicka recovery glyphs, instead of the atronach with one regen + two spell damage ?

A : I did the comparison of the two, and the answer is that, given that we use powered front bar and that all your “+x% healing done” bonuses are additive (including Minor Mending that should be up at all time in a fight), the ritual mundus provides with less healing that two spell damage glyphs.

Q : Why tristats glyphs over max magicka glyphs and more attribute points in health ?

A : While this would give you the same amount of health and magicka, it would make you lose some precious stamina. Stamina on a healer is especially important : not only blocking/not blocking can be the difference between life and death, but you cannot afford to stay stunned because you don’t have stamina to break free, for example.

Q : Healing Springs or Illustrious Healing ?

A : Healing Springs provides for a huge boost to your sustain, as it can recover up to ~900 magicka per cast. However, I’ve been testing out Illustrious Healing lately, and its longer duration enables you to buff a bit more your group. As it is really a big change for your sustain, I would advise to use it only with an Asylum Restoration Staff (to enjoy the 30% cost reduction on cast), and only once you’re comfortable enough with the trial you are about to do. If you are not able to give enough support to your group – in particular, orbs or shards –  because you can’t sustain, there is no point in using Illustrious Healing, even if you saw some healer from a good group using them.