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Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. Topic locked. Re: Pokkaloh v0. I need it for progress in the game. Still progressing to to see what's changed, but so far i do like what i've seen such as Sierra pretty sure the fairies got some work done too. I still need to check out Juliet, Sierra, the Mermaid, and Mayra whom by the way, i think it would be cool to have the option of naming her to see if they have any animations yet.

And i haven't had the chance to check out Venusia and the new zones yet either. And maybe the farm animals could have mini-games of their own like turning the egg-laying scene into an animated one similar to the sex scenes where the egg bobs in and out before plopping out after a certain point to make them a little more interesting. I still don't know how to catch the birds that fly all over the place or if i even canand last i checked the sex change did very little.

No one recognized you, you couldn't interact with other locals, and you couldn't engage in sex either though i suspect you'd have to add different animations for GirlxGirl so i don't find that last bit surprising. That SAID i think there should at least be a GirlxGirl option with Mayra, since she would probably recognize you by smell, unlike the others. All it did was let you access 1 small area of the map which serves no real purpose as far as i can see. I'm not saying it's a pointless feature, i'm just saying it doesn't do much YET.

I know i mentioned all this before, but nothing really came of it so i thought i'd put it back out there. If you have plans to expand upon the Sex-Change feature i'd love to hear what your ideas are, and i'd be happy to share a few of my own. That aside, i love the progress you've bad so far in this game and i look forward to seeing it continue.

Re: Pokkaloh by hagya » Thu Jun 22, am I totally forgot about this forum :S I've updated the first post with the final version of Pokkaloh. Re: Pokkaloh by hagya » Mon Jun 26, am Thanks, No there aren't any scene with the demoness. The new game isn't Pokkaloh 2. A real demo of the game should be out around September. I was filled with dread when I saw that block puzzle battle system, but it's actually pretty cool, and even cooler when I realized that his items are charging up for super powers.

In fact, I really like that it's a battle system to be pokkaloh cheats out, and not just get hit over the head with tutorials at the beginning. I honestly miss that process of figuring things out sometimes. AceSV's Patreon AceSV's Artwork Profile.

WonderGamer out! Re: Pokkaloh by hagya » Thu Jun 29, am Gidshiri : there can also be rescued girl x monster girl AcetheSuperVilain : This battle system offers me a lot of possibilities. You aren't hit by tutorials because that's boring but some of the hentai games player aren't "game literate" so it's always better to explain a little the game. Wondergame : Yep but right now what I have to show isn't pretty enough for a wide public release. Re: Pokkaloh by WonderGamer » Thu Jun 29, am hagya Wrote: Wondergame : Yep but right now what I have to show isn't pretty enough for a wide public release.

Re: Pokkaloh by AcetheSuperVillain » Thu Jun 29, pm Eh, I know that when I make games, the first rough start can be so rough that getting feedback is not worthwhile. I have a plan for what I want to do, and it's going to take time to implement it. Getting feedback from the early stage is just other people telling me what they would do if it was their game to make. Sometimes it's interesting to receive those kinds of ideas, but if I already have a solid plan, it's not helpful.

So I understand not wanting to show off the game before you've hit a certain level of readiness. Re: Pokkaloh by hagya » Tue Jul 04, am When I first released Pokkaloh, the art was bad and it was more a proof of concept than a game. Some people then associated the name Pokkaloh with bad it took months for some to play another release. For Mozzoloh, it's already good enough I think. But I'd like it to be released once it's very good so that it makes kind of a shock. At the beginning it's always a lot easier to make tons of progress and improve the game overall so I chose to wait.

This means that if the graphics are rather pokkaloh cheats but if the dialog is pokkaloh cheats or it's fun to play, I can give the mediocre graphics a pass. I never found Pokkaloh lacking in the art department, but maybe because my bar is set lower than someone born in the s. Re: Pokkaloh by AcetheSuperVillain » Tue Jul 04, pm I actually never especially liked the artwork from Pokkaloh, even when the final artist started, but the rest of the game is so damn fun I play it anyways. Re: Pokkaloh by venusaur. First time poster but long time guest here. Also not a native english speaker, but I try my best Since the dev team for Pokkaloh has moved on to another project, and Pokkaloh probably won't get any more updates, I need to ask: Is there pokkaloh cheats problem if I dump my save here?

Mainly for other, more lazy users to enjoy the scenes? I know there's a cheats version which probably makes the game way easier, but it's patron only and not everyone can donate Myself included, hence why I spent so much time in this game. Don't get me wrong, I loved every part of it, but like the cheater that I am, I would probably give up mid-game and use cheats. Maybe there's some extra clothes missing from the treasure hunting parts, but since every girl is pretty much naked, I don't think it matters too much.

But is my game that pokkaloh cheats to finish? How long did it take you? It really isn't that lenghty, but there are some grind-focused parts that could potentially kill the interest of some more impatient pokkaloh cheats.

Pokkaloh cheats

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