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Matthew's grandmother wants him to take on the family business she left behind, something Matthew is surprised to hear considering he just came back from her funeral. In Carmel Games' spooky point-and-click adventure The GatekeeperMatthew's going to become a ghost hunter like his grandmother whether he likes it or not, starting with an evil spirit haunting a hotel. To play, just click on things to interact, and click two items in your inventory to try to combine them.

The cursor will change when it passes over something you can use, so don't worry about pixel hunting. Or hauntingfor that matter, since despite the game's morbid subject matter it's not particularly scary, though there are a few attempts at jump scares to be had. Carmel Games rarely try to play it straight when it comes to subject matter for their games, and they've managed to craft a sufficiently creepy atmosphere here. Most of the puzzles make sense, though some small items are hidden in the dark a bit too often, and while it's over too soon, hopefully Matthew's adventures will be even bigger and scarier from midnight cinema walkthrough text on out.

Play The Gatekeeper. You only need four tiles. They can be placed on all three gravestones, but they only fit correctly on one. The scrapbook will help you figure out the correct dates. Turn on the AC from the panel next to the clock. Take the diary from the couch and combine it with the. Answer the phone and go to the hotel 4. Check the box next to the receptionist and find the objects inside.

Use the button on the elevator and get in. Once in midnight cinema walkthrough text basement, take the brick from the ground, the coin from the record player and the tiny rock from the ground, next to the pipes. Proceed forward until you reach the stairs.

Pick up the tiny rock from the ground and use the brick on the door. Take the tiny rock from the table on the second floor. Go to the bar, use the coin on the fortune telling machine and take the piece of paper. Head back to the stairs and remove the painting from the wall. Use the hammer on the peepholes and take the blender, sealed box and tiny rock. Give the blender to the bartender and take the mug from the table.

Go back to the basement and give the cross to the priest. Fill the mug with water from the leaking pipe and give it to the priest. Put the tiny stones on the left gravestone. Put the trap on the gravestone and use the holy water on it. As nikikinz above said it was too short but there were more problems than just that. Hopefully someone from the game company is reading this. My biggest concern I will save for last [ if you think this is TL;DR just skip to the bottom of the comment ], but there are quite a few "minor" concerns that really aren't that minor:. I even replayed the game in French to see if maybe the audio would switch to another language but midnight cinema walkthrough text did not.

If you are going to use a "mysterious" language you should use one nobody actually knows. Very sloppy audio work there. The bartender has been on duty for a full week already but the hotel is not due to open for yet another week? It feels like it was rushed out the door to hit an arbitrary deadline. It feels like Carmel Games didn't really care about the quality of the work, which translates as they didn't care about the users of the game.

The final scene one last time, not a spoiler makes it clear they intend to follow up with a sequel to this game. If that sequel is. If this was a teaser then they should have labeled it as such! If their next game is as badly done as this one was, I will not be playing anything with their name on it again. If you have a constructive criticism or twothat's fine, but this novel-length diatribe is downright ungrateful!

I like Carmel Games a lot. Their stuff is always offbeat and unexpected, and their production values are top-notch. Just because something is free doesn't give it an excuse to be poor quality. I agree with all the above critiques especially about the red herrings in Grandma's House and believe they are justified in voicing them.

They could potentially create a better game or make improvements on a sequel if they listen. Qruntsh, I think a lot of the out of place or unnecessary items in this game are actually references to horror movies and books.

For example. I don't want to say more since you probably didn't see the movie. It's a very good movie in my opinion, you should definitely watch it :. I have not seen enough horror movies to place all the references, but I think this explains a lot of other weird artifacts and characters in the game, like. And I would say this game is not a teaser, but more the first part of a bigger installment. In any case I am looking forward to play the follow up.

That Shining reference? There's also one in Midnight Cinema, and who knows how many other Carmel games? It's another "Checkov's gun", anyway. And by the way, for a person so concerned about proper spelling, you've misspelled "Chekhov". Maybe your form of colour-blindness is different from mine, but I had no issues with this particular game.

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Submit your game now and we might release it in home. Use our game submission form. Check us back often! We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. Play This! The Gatekeeper. Currently 4. Platform: Flash : adventurebrowsercarmelgamesflashfreegamehorrorplaythispointandclickpuzzlerating-y. Comments 10 Views 34, About the tiles and gravestones - You only need four tiles. A bit short, I was just getting interested and it was over. Nice little game though. Walkthrough 1. The priest doesn't do anything except bless the water. I am stunned by the above critique This is a FREE game!

If you don't like it, don't play it. For example, the bartender Lloyd is from the movie The Shining, based on the book The Shining which can be seen in the grandmother's library. Does anyone even know what the voice in the elevator is saying? Plus, That Shining reference? Not going to comment on your lengthy diatribe, except to say: a I'm also colour-blind and didn't have a ificant problem with the game in that respect, as I often do; and b with respect to viewing the writing on the ceiling in grandmother's apartment, it can be zoomed in on and read quite easily.

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Midnight cinema walkthrough text

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