Lucretias legacy f95

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No games are currently being worked on. This Patreon exists as a tipjar, although I may return to making games sometime in the future. I have written and published over thirty novels, so plotting and story are my strong points. I've been gaming for thirty years. The emphasis of my games is on story and game play, with graphics used to enhance and illustrate. And they are games, not merely visual novels, with real choices and replayability.

Leather and Steel Leather and Steel is my most recent game. You're a married man You find some very kinky women to play with. As is usual for my games, it's hard to "win" on the first try.

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Damsels and Dungeons Damsels and Dungeons is about building a roster of sexy adventurers, getting them loot It's just been finished as of now With this amount I'll be able to continue to invest in better graphics for the games.

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Lucretias legacy f95

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