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Well, several things! No internet, no food electric cooking devicesno refrigator, no lights, no-thing. Good times it was quite some time, since last problem of that scale, no? That aside…. Also : started a new KoPC update! And finally : the harem building module for Sexforge is done at least the core engine and base questsand seems to work! So, really good thing too!

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No wonder September seems like a freakingly long and hard month! Marvellous things everywhere! Enjoy, and see you soon for more sexy miracles! Electricity is here, I finally got home, at last! Just in time for winter cold times early, this year! Regarding news, the KoPC update is going good. Slowly, but good, with lots of new poses and sets planned. On Sexforge, the first side campaign was released! Managing all that by myself requires a looooot of neurons and tea, lol, not easy everyday, but definitely so much worth it!

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New KoPC update is out!! This time, full focus on playable content, with 3 new sets subway inside, tv show set, and bdsm dungeontheir precious scenarios, and lo of new sex poses and fixes on ones! Well, that and several coordinates fixes, among other!

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All yours to enjoy to the fullest! Without further ado…. How to help the game easily : must read!

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Also, as you can guess, tons of Sexforge news! But not only, as my dear SuperSatanSon hook me up for some quick halloween minigame collab rush! Far too late for Halloween, or is it? Who would kopc codes to pass on such lewd entertainment, as reminescence of candies of all sorts? So, blames and congratulations are to be sent to him directly, hats down for the man! The rest, you might want to find out directly while playing the game! Horny Holidays : Pumpkin Witches. How to help the games easily : must read!

Sexforge : going great! Several patreons are leaving, lately. Other games : still thinking about a better way to do things, to be able to release much more games in much less time. The better the workframe and organization will be, the smoother it will flow afterwards! Hi everyone! I love end of the year, lol.

Most stressful and yet anticipated moment! So, while I scrap off my nose from my window, expecting snowflakes, what was up lately, in the hot and lewd side of things? Kopc codes to you players, dedicated on precious feedback and persuasive in your wise patience, I was able to corner the bugs and fix almost everything : coloring, stripping and sounding bugs!

Next is the awesome release of Tournaments, in Sexforge! You know me, I always want to do more, better, faster. And lately I was having too much stuff on my hand to go as needed, and it was fantastically exhausting, without real satisfying output on my loved fetish if not yours : lo of various girls, sex and impregnation! Cutting away the massive and killing blows of big games, big story, big structures.

Support the guy, send oxygen, sexy panties and whatever else can help! And there we go, a new year has showed up, full of exotic and sexy hentai mysteries!! Are you ready for it? Because was even more awesome thanwith Sexforge alpha growing up so fast, and soooooo many new games and updates!! If brings even just half of it but we could very well double the wonders up too! Who knows! Brace yourself, here we go!! Porn Bastards : Ino Yamanaka! Also : those games are in basic flash AND html5 versions, on MSG, allowing smartphone users and modern web navigators to show them instead of bugging.

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So : new challenges! I let you enjoy the magnificent result! Other news?

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News being : new testicle size handler, new type of cock, new feature to clean cock stains, fixes on strap-on bug, main character stripping bug, virgin options bug, police outfit for main futa bug, police hat bug, and moving hair bug! And last : Sexforge, as always!! I even released a little SFM work for you 3D lovers!

Not that much, in fact! Hope it pays off, one day. Those guys are even more scarce than good game creators, geez!! What do I want? More hentai artists!!! When do I want them? Right now! By dozens!!! Kopc codes on, hentai for the win! See you around when I can get more stuff out! Yep, finally figured! What is it to say? A stunning woman, a sexy pose, an awesome vibe, and some cool, twisted story and tons of features to go with it! Enjoy the lewd Holli Would in this new Porn Bastards game! Other news! Well, Sexforge, sexforge and sexforge!

And also a looooot of time spent searching for other artists! Which, this time, might be fruitful! Show some dazzling flesh, inner pulsions and limitless horizons! Which is good thing toward the end goal : kopc codes and better hentai for everyone around! Our twisted fantasies made flesh and lust! That said… next Porn Bastards game is currently in developement! It will depict the infamous Korra! Enjoy this great new Porn Bastards episode! Alright, quick shot, then : - Already started working on next PB!! Too short of a news, after so long? Yes indeed, totally. Being able to make what I plan instead of telling it sure is a nice nuance, you must admit.

So, yes, I just enjoy the lust and share the gudz! Ouuuuh boy, summer is tanning my leather! Guess what? For starters, the brand new KoPC update! New sets, new content, new sex animations, new outfits, new everything!!

And then, as a second meal to enjoy the hotness, kopc codes next PB game, starring Shaundi from Saint Rows games!! Well, tons of new stuff for Sexforge, as usual! Also tons of sexy projects cooking in the background. I would also like to be able to do some massively artistic and gameplay-fantastic hentai game, at some point. Something awesome in itself, with hentai in it, a little like what Sex Racers tried to be. I want to do a massive update for that too, like all the rest, at some point Working towards that goal, anyway, thanks to your continuous positive support, which is a huuuuugely fertile context to develop trucklo of stuff!

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Hurray, kuddos, and candies for us all! Yeah, panties too! Long time no news, right?

Kopc codes

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Kopc codes