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I'm a big fan of JAVfor. Few things in this world are better than a sexy Japanese schoolgirl. Japanese chicks are just so fucking hot. It does not surprise me at all that Japanese porn is one of the most popular genres in the online javfor me entertainment marketplace. I have to admit, I would watch Japanese porn all the fucking time if only it was not so frequently censored. One thing that I will just never understand is how the fuck guys are able to get off to censored porn. Blurred out pussies, dicks, and sometimes faces … not only is it far too distracting to actually get in the zone to the fap zone, that is; you know, the hepace required to be able to concentrate on nothing but the porn in front of you and lose yourself in the fantasy of it allbut it seems impossible to fathom how someone could jerk off to fruition without being able to see any of the goods!

When I watch porn, I need to javfor me pussy. Furthermore, I need to see pussy getting fucked good by a dick, a dick that could be my own. Why ruin such a beautiful thing? Fucking Japan and its nationalist sense of moral superiority…. I will say this, though: the fact that it is so difficult to see uncensored Japanese pussies getting fucked does makes the idea of it that much hotter. It is forbidden.

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As soon as something is deated as forbidden, its sexual stock skyrockets. Jav for Me is an enormous archive of Japanese pornography. There are easily hundreds of thousands of hours of JAV content to enjoy on this site. And the good news is that you will never run out.

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Even if you quit your job, cast off all your friends and family, and did nothing but watch porn movies all day every day on Jav for Me, you would likely never ever run out of porn. Not only are there tons of quality, full-length JAV videos to enjoy already on Jav for Me, but the site is also regularly updated with new content all the time. You could make a whole day out of watching one Japanese porno if you wanted. I guess that is one way they make up for the censored pussies. Instead of a screenshot or a slideshow of the video in question, most of the thumbnails on Jav for Me depict the cover front, back, and spine of the official film.

Personally, I think this is a nice touch. I also always really appreciate it when sites offer full movies. All you have is a sleek menu bar up top, a white background, and film thumbnails that materialize as you scroll down, all on one. I think it just makes things so much easier and cleaner. And I have always liked my dirty sites javfor me have a clean de. The menu bar, too, is just as easy to use and minimal.

Everything about this site is intuitive and user-friendly. When you click on a video, of course, you are brought to a new. Both to the right of and below the media player, Jav for Me will offer up some related videos, making it easy to browse the huge amount of content to be found on this site. You can also find and click on the name of the actress to find more of her workthe channels on which javfor me film appears, a list of appropriate tags, and a spot to leave comments.

It does not appear as if many people, however, take advantage of the commenting feature. Lacking some Obvious Features That being said, it would be nice if there were more user features such as that. In fact, there is no user registration option, which means that you will not be able to curate playlists should you so desire.

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There are, therefore, no real community features to speak of on this site. Which, although obviously not necessary on a porn site, always adds a cool and personalized experiential element to it. That is, I think, where Jav for Me seems to be falling short in general: a lack of features. There is no index, for example, of porn stars for easy browsing by girl.

There are tags listed under each film, sure, but there is, disappointingly, no list of tags to browse through. The same is true for the channels that they attribute each film to; there is no means of browsing by channel. For a site with so much fucking content, these helpful indexing and browsing features seem like they should be a no brainer.

All of this is compounded by the fact that there are absolutely no uncensored JAV movies to speak of on the entire site. Which is a real shame because, outside of a lack of obvious features javfor me some sort of uncensored offering something! All in all, Jav for Me often misspelled as "jav 4 me", "jav4. I love their focus on film over scene, the media player, and the minimalist aesthetic of it. I wish that they offered some features to make browsing the site a little easier, but, hey, javfor me are ya gonna do?

Happy fapping, faggots! Site is dead! JAVforMe Fucking Japan and its nationalist sense of moral superiority… I will say this, though: the fact that it is so difficult to see uncensored Japanese pussies getting fucked does makes the idea of it that much hotter. JAVforMe has shut down their website. Find a better alternative on ThePornDude! ME was forced to delete all videos. Find a replacement on ThePornDude! Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites.

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