Guess her bra size

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I don't mean people who have enough experience in bra fittings that can pinpoint someone's size pretty accurately. Those people I admire. I have a guy friend who claims he knows a girl's bra size just by looking at her chest. He's said he's been with enough girls of all sizes. Guess her bra size, no not even close. Or whenever I browse other subs, I see stuff like "massive D cups" or "her perky 34B tits". I don't know, but this really grinds my gears and only perpetuates the idea of how little people know about bra sizes.

I almost want to direct them to this sub and bratabase to knock some bra knowledge into their he! Guessing a cup size is bad enough, but actually saying a specific band size too--now that's really pushing it because I'm sure that girl's ribcage is no bigger than 30 inches. Anyone else have similar experiences? Edit: Thanks for all the comments! I've enjoyed reading them, and I'm glad to know I wasn't alone in this. On another note, teenage me desperately wished for "C cup" boobs. In a way, I've surpassed this goal. It would be wonderful if we learned early on that cup size truly doesn't mean anything without a band size, so that there wouldn't be such a negative association with any specific size at all i.

It seriously took a toll on my confidence growing up when I was at the smallest of most stores' matrices, and even then it sucked when I couldn't even fill out the smallest! That one really pisses me off. No body is a waste, regardless of what some random dude thinks. This pisses me off. Especially for most guys who's main experiences with bra sizes are minimal and inaccurate. That really upsets me, as I never once in my life thought to myself, "Hey, I'm gonna grow my boobs to be an extreme inconvenience and a total waste!

Clearly, the only reason that we grow breasts is in order to pleasure men, some of who we haven't even chosen to be in an intimate relationship with. Some of us clearly don't have as good spatial awareness as others, explaining the variance between our instead of having a bunch of identically sized orbs on our chests. Snarky response I'd never be brave enough to do itis 'I grew them larger so I could use them to hit idiots in the face who make rude and vacuous comments about appearances'. Seriously, diversity is great!

I think that small, medium, and large breasts can all look fab. The only minor advantage of having everyone look like me is that it would be easier to buy clothes. The world would be a more boring place. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but we don't need to make people feel bad in order to make ourselves feel good. Once my BF said "anything more than a handful and you risk a sprained thumb" I don't think he realised how much that hurt me as I definitely have more than a handful!

I still think about that comment every now and then, perhaps I should talk to him about it I can't tell you how many times I've heard that. I used to hear anything above a C or D when I used to wear a D or a DD improperly and it hurt, I remember a crush in high school saying it directly to me and man, that hurt. Now, I wear a 34 J, and it still stings a little, but I try to ignore ignorant people.

Men guessing women's sizes in general annoys me, because there's an inherent quality of judgement. Suddenly saying a woman is a d cup is synonymous with hot, and not an actual measurement, and they only say it about women who should actually be wearing an h cup or something. Maybe if women claimed to be able to guess penis sizes of clothed men, and insisted that six inches is standard, But the actual measurement for "six inches" was really eight, then they'd understand and stop being dumb.

People ways look surprised when my cup size comes up because I'm very small breasted but C cup works great for me! I've even had a few assholes accuse me of stuffing my c cups because there's no way I could fill them. Many women are clueless at what their actual bra size guess her bra size as there is the myth about how big a D cup is I'm sure this guy is full of crap. So next time he tries to size you or a friend up tell him his is probably a D cup too :.

I remember one time a girl fitted her boyfriend for a bra just for fun and he ended up fitting in her old 34Ds. He was seriously ripped in the pictures, and he had all the s of a great fit! I think it started a trend of people measuring their SOs, regardless of gender or desire to actually wear bras, just to see what they turned out to be.

I have before, but also in my experience, when I discuss it with more open minded men they get the whole band size correlation guess her bra size the underbust measurement, and how each cup letter represents a one inch difference between the bust and underbust. I usually ask "What pant size do you wear? Would it make sense that a woman with a smaller underbust wear bras where the band is bigger than your waistband measurement on your pants?

Of course once you explain this to guys that would automatically make them an expert :P. I don't know if this is a colloquial phrase but they're chatting shit. Men more like boys who claim they have this ability are just trying to big themselves up, play the "alpha male" role, my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours, "I've seen every boob size there is from A cups to DDs".

Every word about bra sizes is just meaningless crap. They know nothing. I have no advice but to simply ignore it. This guy thinks he knows about bra sizing but as most women are wearing the wrong size I'm sure he just is as clueless about bra sizing as many are.

Comments about "X being too much" or "Less than Y is too little" always made me feel terrible. Everybody seems to have a relative 'size' they correspond with the cup s, in their own head. Unless they're very educated on bra sizing like members of this sub. So it always made me feel like. And it still bothers me because if you don't care for whatever sized breasts a woman has just don't comment on it! It's not your job to tell us women what you like about breasts as a man unless you're already in an intimate relationship with us and guess her bra size THAT stage we're smart enough to realize you like what we've got!

Unfortunately, men are trained to believe that their judgments are always interesting and relevant, regardless of whether they know jack shit about the topic at hand. This goes double if it's regarded as a "womanly" thing. I doubt trying to educate this guy will make a lick of difference, and even if it did, it wouldn't solve the underlying issue, which is that he's a tool.

Seems like every single badly written piece of porn has to open with a reference to "generous 36Cs" or "modest 34Bs" or in rare cases something like 46DDD It's kind of useful in that it lets you know to hit backspace immediately, but it's still very annoying. It is a perfect example of "manspaining. It is when he explains her own area of expertise to her. Telling what size bra she is wearing - or should be wearing - is a perfect example.

I saw some dude on reddit talking about his porn star sister who was insisting that she's a 34D with a 23" waist and all the dudes were like "DAMN where can I find a woman like that! Alright buddy, I'm sure your definitely real sister's ribcage has an 11" disparity from her underbust to her waist.

I'm also sure that she can find clothes that fit her well with a 23" waist at 5'8" even though I'm often too slim for my clothes with a 25" waist at 5'3" but I guess that's not the point. Posted by 6 years ago. Throwaway because of rant!

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Guess her bra size

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