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Front Kiter in vAS – Bow/bow meta (Scalebreaker updated)

Front Kiter in vAS – Bow/bow meta (Scalebreaker updated)

Since the Wrathstone patch, bow/bow stamina dds proved to be better than magicka dds in Asylum Sanctorium. As we were pushing for a score in this trial, I modified my build to fit into this meta. In this note, I detail the build I am using, and explain a little bit the gameplay.

Attributes, consommables and Mundus

Our goal this patch is to burn Olms fast enough so that Felms does not enrage and can be completely ignored. Because of this, I have a lower health pool than usual. Therefore, I use 32 points in health and 32 points in magicka.

For food, I use Arteum Pickled Fish Bowl, playing Breton: if you are playing another race, you may want to choose a different food. I use tri-stats potions in this fight as it helps both my magicka and stamina sustain: both are equally important.

The biggest change I made to my build is regarding the Mundus stone. Indeed, I am using the Serpent Mundus to boost my stamina recovery. The strength of bow/bow builds this patch comes from the Shadow Silk synergy. Therefore, I want to be able to spam that skill as much as possible, and need a consequent stamina recovery pool. Using the Serpent Mundus along with the clockwork food gave me the best stats overall.


Here is the gear I am using with this setup:

  • On jewels and body pieces: Infallible Aether, that I keep up on the main boss and on the spheres closer to me.
  • On body pieces and on weapons: Torug’s pact. Because of the stam meta, we need a support to wear Morag Tong. We chose to have the main tank run Morag Tong, and so I needed to wear Torug’s. Depending on your group, you may want to have your tank run Torug’s Pact and run Z’en’s Redress, adjusting your build accordingly.
  • As a monster set: Symphony of Blades. This set is great to help with the group’s sustain, and there really isn’t a good alternative.

I am running 6 lights and 1 heavy, all divines (except for one piece that I was too lazy to re-craft). Running 5/1/1 would probably be better but again, too lazy to re-craft. On the big body pieces, I am running tri-stat enchants.

For the weapons, I ran double infused, with a weakening enchantment on my restoration staff and a crusher enchantment on my lightning staff. I chose to run crusher on my back bar as it is the bar on which I spend most of my time. As I am the only one running Torug’s, it is important to keep an uptime as high as possible on this debuff.

On my jewels, I ran two swift traits and one arcane. I found that because I was using more spiders and less orbs, I had to spend less time as close as possible to the group, so two swift jewels were enough. I chose to run one stamina and two magicka recovery enchantments.


The skills I use are the same as in my Front Kiter guide, the only exception being elemental drain that I replaced with Shadow Silk. Indeed, as we run only stamina dds, elemental drain is not needed.

Champion points

These CPs are the same as in my other guide.

Green tree :

Sprinter 63

Arcanist 75
Tenacity 49

Shadow Ward 40
Tumbling 43

Red tree :

Iron Clad 72
Spell Shield 75

Hardy 23
Thick Skinned 23
Elemental Defender 64

Bastion 13

Blue tree :

Blessed 64
Elfborn 66
Spell erosion 22
Elemental expert 32

Staff expert 14
Master-at-arms 28

Thaumaturge 44


Compared to before, we want to use the spider skill as much as possible when the boss is vulnerable. Basically, this means that we have to pay attention and know when there is a protector up, as using spiders at this time is wasting our stamina.

When the boss is not protected, we want to use spiders every other skills to leave some time for the ability to be activated. In particular, before the 90% jumps, that is what we want to do. At the same time, all the usual buff, debuffs and synergies should be kept up, with the addition of crusher.

On the other hand, when the boss is invulnerable or when we are out of stamina, we go back to use radiative regeneration and energy orb in the group to help with the healing and with the sustain.

I hope it helped and feel free to ask questions!

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