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It was very crowded in the lift. I shifted uncomfortably in my heels as I tried to prevent my rear from contacting the innocent gent standing behind me, or my face from being smothered in the bosom of the towering Caucasian lady in front.

As she nattered away in German to her similarly built colleague, her perfume - not one of my favourite scents - wafted from her generous cleavage into my nose and I am temporarily reminded of one of my ex-girlfriends.

She smiled and laughed, causing her assets to quake voluminously. I flinched. In the mixed-development building, it was common to see office workers, tourists and travellers often all in the same lift, which was precisely what happened next. You came in, carrying a backpack, and your friend, lugging a trolley-case behind, cardigans and scarves and sweaters over waists and shoulders, ready for a vacation at a cooler land.

The crowded lift became got crowdier, if such a word existed. I shifted minutely into a corner of the lift, grateful for small mercies such as having a bannister in my rear than unwanted accidental brushes. The queue behind you pushed you and your friend into the lift, as if a minor human tsunami. We were all squashed like sardines in a can. In this tight, enclosed space, magic happened. Pressed in close to you, her bright shining eyes searched deeply in yours. Even as the crowd pressed in, you pulled her hand closer to you, forming your own bubble in the lift, invulnerable to the squeeze, oblivious to the world.

I watched, entranced, even as others sought to avoid contact as I did, you stood even closer to her, as if grateful for the opportunity. Unobserved by everyone except me, she stood closer to you, until you were almost touching each other.

Time is, alas, always short for the romantics. The cold, impersonal metal doors opened, revealing the bright afternoon sunlight illuminating the atrium to which the lift lobby led, and you and her, stepped out, into your vacation plans. Lesbian Confessions Hi Girls, this is a place where lesbians, bi, straights, gays, transgender, and those who have yet to make up their minds, gather together and share with each other all their private thoughts and feelings. We aim to encourage fellow LGBTQI communities to be unafraid of being open and honest about their sexual orientation, to be brave enough to stake their claim in happiness, having a freedom to love, and to contribute to society.

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Erotic lesbian stories tumblr

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