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Dragonhold update – Rest in peace, Infallible Aether

Dragonhold update – Rest in peace, Infallible Aether

Dragonhold was released last Monday. While the bulk of the patch brought no changes for us healer, an improvement to the warden class brings a pretty significant shift in our gear choice! We cover this transition in this post:).

Changes to the healing meta

Goodbye, Infallible Aether

Indeed, the ability swarm and its morphs have been modified:

  • Increased the cost of this ability and its morphs to 2970 to encapsulate their new functionalities.
  • These abilities now apply Minor Vulnerability to the target for the duration of the DoT.
  • Decreased the damage per tick of these abilities by approximately 40%.
    • Growing Swarm (morph): This morph has been redesigned into a Stamina-based ability that deals Bleed Damage. The Swarm no longer spreads to nearby enemies upon completion, but instead deals damage to enemies in an area around the initial target. This damage is roughly 50% of the initial target’s coefficient. Note the Vulnerability still only applies to the initial target.

Because of this change, warden healers are becoming an essential component of raid groups, and Infallible Aether has joined Spell Power Cure in the list of dead healing sets. Keep in mind that they also bring minor toughness to our group! The second healer is likely still going to be a templar, as they bring minor breach and fracture through power of the light.

Note that for 4-man content, I would bring a warden over a templar to be able to bring an extra set.

Master’s Staff for Magicka

The master’s restoration staff now regens both stamina and magicka:

  • Grand Rejuvenation: This item set will no longer grant 740 Stamina to allies hit by the initial heal of Grand Healing or its morphs. Instead, the initial heal of Grand Healing will restore 100 Magicka and Stamina to allies every second for 4 seconds.

This makes it extremely useful for any group, and I recommend ideally having two healers running it in trials.

Note that, as of now, it seems like if we recast Grand Healing before the end of the 4s duration, allies receive instantly both one tick from the old instance of the buff and one tick from the new one. This results in Grand Healing spam effectively restoring 200 Magicka and Stamina per cast. However, I do not know if this “feature” is intended or not. Thank you to Stileanima and Imidazole for pointing that out and testing it!

Sentinel for Magicka as well

Our trusty Sentinel of Rkugamz has been reworked: while its stamina return has been reduced, it now also restores magicka.

  • Sentinel of Rkugamz: Reduced the amount of Stamina restored from this set to 115 per second, down from 500. This set now also returns Magicka per tick. 

This gives an effective stamina and magicka recovery of a bit less than 140.

How to adapt

With minor vulnerability now being applied by swarm, our old friend Infallible Aether has been retired. Rest in Peace, IA, you’ve served us faithfully. With this change, looking at our set list, we now have three essential sets:

This leaves room for another extra set, for which we have different choices: Torug’s Pact and Jorvuld’s Guidance are among those, but any set from our list can also work.

Pairing those sets

That being said, you may be wondering how to best pair our sets in a situation with two healers. While this will depend a lot on your group and tanks, here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

  • Should you choose to use Torug’s, note that Z’en’s and Torug’s should not be paired. Indeed, using Torug’s pact forces us to run at least one infused staff with crusher. Because of that, it prevents us from relying on status effects (poisoned or burning) applied by weapon enchantments as a DoT for Z’en’s, as our uptimes would suffer a lot.
  • Z’en’s and Olorime can both be only back-barred (or one-barred) with pretty much no loss: Z’en’s only requires us to light attack every 20s from our back bar to keep the debuff up, and Olorime only requires us to re-apply the buffing AoE from our back bar every 10s. While Martial Knowledge can be back-barred,  it is a bit trickier to keep up. Knowing this, we would rather have Olorime and Z’en’s on two different healers so that both can use a Master’s restoration staff.
  • While Z’en’s and Martial Knowledge can be paired, it can be a bit overwhelming for a new healer to keep them both up and they require to track carefully DoTs and our stamina pool. I would try to avoid it as much as possible if you are not familiar with the content you are running.
  • While warden healers make good candidates for Z’en’s because they already have to keep up one dot, swarm, for minor vulnerability, they also may lack the bar space if they wish to run defensive skills such as enchanting growth, expensive clock, or blood altar.

This is all I have on the matter, I hope this read was useful! Make sure to either join my discord or leave your questions here, if you have some. 🙂

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