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OhWee I'm a huge fan of RenPy's autosave and rollback features. Such is the case with Dating My Daughter, so I took the time to 're-add' these to the interface for 0. Non-windows users: let me know if this is not the case. This is a simple and very straightforward mod, that 'restores' autosave and quicksave, and also 'restores' rollback options.

Note that 'quicksave' is really just another to save games on, but an extra save is always useful. This mod allows you to access those features. I recommend unren.

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You'll want to pick option 4, as you'll need to 'unarchive' screens. How often do we autosave. of interactions, sort of. You may want to double check, and make sure this is set to True. Reactions: Hamermaster17Doc WobblyBoxtel and 9 others. Feb 25, 1, Nice job. Another thing that annoys me about DMD, is the time-stamp on the saves is missing, so I have to guess which one I last used. No idea why someone would hide that. Reactions: January Edit: The date format and placement in the file below is probably the one I'll be going with.

BTW, this is how the timestamps currently look ingame using the attached file below, at least for me note the older dates on these saves : Edit: replaced the. Also added screenshot immediately above this paragraph. Feedback welcome! Last edited: Jun 19, Reactions: 3xpurt. The updated. Anyone that has already downloaded and is using this mod, but that doesn't have timestamps showing on their save slots i.

Last edited: Jun 20, Reactions: Gio. Sorry OhWee, I haven't even had time to test it, buy I'm sure someone would have said something by now regardless. Asr Newbie. Aug 5, 32 What does the renpy rollback feature do? It allows you to 'back up' through the dialogue entries, which can be handy if you missed something. It's limited in that you can't 'back up' past your last choice even if their was only one choice availablebut if you are rapidly clicking through dialogue, and feel like you missed something, this can help.

For those of us that have played this game a few times, if you ever need to fall dmd f95 on an old save, flying through the dialogue with rapid clicks is sometimes the order of the day, as you have already read through a lot of the stuff before. OhWee said:. Ozygator Well-Known Member Donor. Oct 15, 1, 1, May 14, 1, 1, Ozygator said:. Not dmd f95 degrade anyone's work, but You can literally "save" on a choice screen with a right-mouse click.

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Or am I missing something that's obvious to everyone but me? I'm all for using mods that help fix clunky interfaces, etc. Reactions: lazyharry. May 24, I have tried your mod but it doesn't work. Normally I can save a game with using the right mouse button, it will not work, no chance to save.

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I always get an error screen. I had to copy them manually in the right subdirecteries. Yes, the mod works without the mod from ikagura. Then I have added the mod from Ikagura, and with the first start I've got an error message scriptingbut klicking it away, with the next start everything is working well. A Max Newbie. May 15, 27 8. It works but i get some error in starting. Hmmm, not sure how I've managed to miss your guy's posts.

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I visit this forum regularly. I'll look into your errors. My version of the Ikarugamod is a bit older maybe, I didn't have any issues with it, but I'll check the updated version if there is one. Anyways, apologies for missing your posts lazyharry. Looking into it now.

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Last edited: Jul 8, OK, I just did a clean install, and am not seeing any errors on my end. Detailing my steps here: My Operating System: Windows 8. Gio Active Member Modder. Aug 12, OK, so I've added an ingame quicksave button now, which will save to at least 8 of the 9 visible quicksave slots, rolling the other quicksaves down the line.

See upper left corner in the image below. The first slot upper left seems to be on it's own planet for me, but then I saved a game there before to test the quicksave using my mod. Let me know if the first slot quicksaves for anyone else. The autosaves seem to be saving to that slot normally on the autosaves Simply click the Blue Quicksave button ingame to save to the Quicksave slots. Attached is a new. It changes the intro. This will allow you to stay 'in game' while doing a quick save, as opposed to going to the dmd f95 screen menu.

Note that the ikarumod has the intro. Nonetheless, if you install his mod after mine, you'll want to swap out the intro. New version attached below. Adds new intro. I also removed the dmd f95 folder, so you can simply, drag the game folder directly from the. Reactions: Gio and toolkitxx. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Dmd f95

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