Detective girl of the steam city save

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 7 of 36 Go to. Alleykatt Well-Known Member. May 19, 1, 1, Jun 22, 52 Kagura Games: emmm Reactions: LoNa. Aug 12, 11 6. Swallows said:. Man, I'm not sure how to feel about this game. I've loved Clymenia's work for so long, but this one feels different. Steampunk theme is great, but for a hentai game, it almost feels like there's too much emphasis on the game and not enough on the hentai.

Reactions: RastafooTTsuyuki and Swallows Xisis New Member. Dec 4, 14 Great game. Bought it on Steam. DC Member. Jul 24, Curious if anyone knows how to buy parts for upgrades. May 1, How do i choose the gang route? Can't seem to figure it out, do i need to do other quests first? Detective girl of the steam city save is there any way to check active quests? Cube-Chan Member. Jun 6, Yuuko Shionji said:. Hey guys, Yuuko here, I'm a translator for Kagura Games and admin on discord.

We wanted to clear some misconceptions up that have been spreading here. The only fan translation we've actually used was for Alternate Dimansion Diary Englishand this was done with the permission of the original translator, who specifically requested not to be paid, despite us offering.

Every other translation is our own work, which we spent months perfecting. Our company has grown a lot, and we have a sizable amount of translators working for us now, many of who started as fan translators themselves. None of us would even consider plagiarizing someone else's work, we love these games far too much and put our utmost efforts into making sure each and every one of them can be enjoyed by our players as much as we enjoyed them ourselves.

Slava Newbie. Apr 3, 28 Oct 1, 2, 2, Reactions: rKnightIdarksoulsI and tasenot. Dec 14, 48 I can't speak to them outright stealing peoples translations, but I know of at least two translators where they went to them and said: We've been given an exclusive to distribute this game in english, and we heard you are translating it.

Give us your translation, and stop distributing it, or we'll sue you for infringing on our. In both cases this was accompanied by False DMCA takedown notices being sent to their hosting providers. They would almost certainly lose if it ever actually went to court as long as the translator is only distributing a patch for the game in question, but it would cost the fan translator money they don't have, and it would put their real name and personal data out there in association with translating porn games.

I know of another time where a fan translator had started working with the games developer to make an official english translated version of the game, but kagura came in and bullied her out- but kept the translation work she had done up to that point as their own. I don't know the details but she was mighty pissed about it. That is why some of Kagura's translations match nearly word for word with earlier or leaked versions of other folks fan translations.

None of it's illegalbut it's sure as hell unethical. I've heard rumors of worse, I suspect it's all complete garbage, but it doesn't encourage me to give them money. Reactions: MoonrunnerMissmiles and Rastafoo. PeanutGallery Newbie. Nov 24, 29 Pressing V will cycle the objective tracker through currently active quests, but that's only currently active ones - quests you CAN pick up but haven't aren't listed there.

As for the gang route, I believe you just clear all the zones. Space0din Member. Jun 24, Man, all these games just blend together for me. Oct 6, Aug 28, 85 Mar 31, 33 So how does one access the scenes after unlocking them? Joe Steel Well-Known Member. Jan 10, 1, 1, May 31, 15 1. I have a problem with the screen: I'm playing on windows 10 and I have a question: how can I enlarge the screen for this game. Here's a picture to understand: Can you help me, please?

Last edited: Jul 20, Detective girl of the steam city save Newbie. Aug 14, 38 Here's a full save from the jap version, tested quickly and it's all in English. Save 20 is the gallery save. Reactions: fearyleszjakeandylapiszuel and 4 others. Terminus Member. Jun 8, Yuuko Shionji Hey just wanted to say, im looking forward to playing this game. Id get it from you guys immediately. Unfortunately I have like 15 bucks in my bank acc and my paycheck will take another week, so yeah.

Ill make sure to support you guys tho once I'm fluid again. Reactions: TotalDegenerate and kekasaurus. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Detective girl of the steam city save

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Detective Girl of the Steam City