Dating my daughter chapter 3

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. Cherubin25 Newbie. Nov 7, 89 So, which bit in the OP overview led you to download this game? Uthuriel Well-Known Member. Jan 26, 1, 2, BlazinHothead said:. New guy here. I noticed there wasn't a link for a walkthrough for chapter 3. Does anybody know where to get it or does it just not exist? Lerd0 Well-Known Member. Jul 29, 1, 8, Uthuriel said:. Why do you people never read the OP Lain's Mod. Reactions: Uthuriel. BlazinHothead New Member.

Jun 17, 6 0. View attachment Moody bunch aren't you? I did read. I just don't know what "In-game Walkthrough Code" means exactly. Where do I put the code? Main menu? In a text box somewhere? And what does it even do? Is there a walkthrough file in the game? Does it highlight positive option? Thank you very much. Reactions: Lerd0. Jun 2, 1, The code is for the in-built walkthrough. I advise against it. Use Lain's Mod instead, it's much better. Reactions: marcoforte68crughWookie and 2 others.

Nov 14, 17, 6, Mar 19, 37 Cherubin25 said:. Her face looks so ugly in some shots especially if she has this "doubtfull" or "sad" looking face with her lips pressed together and the dialogues are just tiresome at this point, you click them, they talk and every dialogue is basically the same. Reactions: evilkitty97 and Wookie.

Jan 19, 82 However, the game is called "Dating My Daughter", D is the daughter, the plot revolves primarily around her and her sexual interactions with the Player Character, her father, the roles are not optional. RustyV Well-Known Member. Dec 30, 4, 14, Spoiler You don't have permission to view the dating my daughter chapter 3 content. Log in or register now. Reactions: oaiki and Looper9. Wookie Active Member. Dec 27, RustyV said:. Feb 1, 1, May 29, So I can totally understand why some players might be fed up with D.

Yes, they will be the minority, but they exist. Reactions: Mitchconner29 and TommyTuba. But it would be awesome dating my daughter chapter 3 that I will stick around just in case. The built-in walkthrough will show you the info the walk through has always shown as it was always from the team. He asked for a walkthrough and not the mod which is why I directed him to such. The problem with Lain's mod is that it can set variables that are not supposed to both be set Georgina and Jen The game takes info for chapter 4 and I do not know how it behaves if both variables are set since I pick Jen over Ge 5 times a day and 10 times on Sunday.

But ultimately they are not ever going to be combined in the regular game. Just so you know BlazinHothead Also the code is entered under options when you enable walkthrough it will ask. The problem with Lain's mod is that it can set variables that are not supposed to both be set Georgina and Jen.

Reactions: Lerd0 and jawbaby. Apr 29, 4 0. Where Can I find a italian traslation? The MEGA's link doesn't work. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Dating my daughter chapter 3

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Dating my Daughter Chapter 3 Walkthrough & Guide