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Concussed in PvE – a healer point of view (Dragonhold updated)

Concussed in PvE – a healer point of view (Dragonhold updated)

In this post, I will discuss the concussed status effect, its importance for your group and how, as a healer, you should modify your gameplay to keep it up as much as possible. πŸ™‚

Concussed? How to apply it?

Concussed is a status effect that has a chance to proc from lightning damage. A concussed target will have some kind of sparkles around its head. It also applies the minor vulnerability debuff to the target, increasing its damage taken by 8%! Finally, it lasts for 4 seconds, and can be refreshed without any cooldown.

It can proc from the following actions :

  • Shock enchants 20%.
  • Standard shock abilities 10%.
  • Area of effect shock abilities 5%.
  • Damage over time shock abilities 3%.
  • Area of effect damage over time shock abilities 1%.

Note that, in particular, it cannot proc from a shock light or heavy attack. However, the splash damage of a lightning heavy attack (Tri Focus passive from your destruction skill line) can apply it.

As a healer, we have two sources of concussed: either a shock enchant, orblockade of storms. Note that blockade has a very low probability to apply the status, as you can see from the list above. If you read my healing guide, you saw that I recommend using a shock enchant back bar if you don’t need to use a weakening enchant: indeed, it will proc concussion a lot :).

As you are using your shock enchant on your back bar, you will get +100% chance of applying concussed through the Elemental Force passive. If you are using a charged lightning staff, you will get an additional +220% chance to apply any status effect. This is additive with the Elemental Force bonus, which means you get in total +320% chance: your shock enchant will have a 84% chance to proc concussed.

Note that blockade of storms sets off-balance any concussed target, so keeping concussed up will also be important for your off-balance uptime!

Elemental Blockade: why it is amazing to keep any enchantment up

Before moving on to the next section, I just want to make a side note on how elemental blockade helps keeping an enchantment up on a target. Weapon enchantments proc on light and heavy attacks done with your weapon, and also from any ability from the weapon skill line that does damage. That means that no restoration staff ability can proc an enchantment – as none of them do damage: the enchant on your restoration staff requires you to weave to be procced. Weapon skill line AoE dots – such as elemental blockade or endless hail – will be able to proc your enchantments, and will do so every time they tick: elemental blockade will proc your enchantment every time it is available.

Since Wolfhunter, elemental blockade now always procs the enchant of the bar from which it has been cast. That means, if you are running a shock enchant back bar and swap to your front bar, elemental blockade will keep on proccing your back bar enchant.

Sources of concussion in our group

As said above, a healer can provide concussion by using a shock enchant back bar. However, you may also get concussion from other members of your group, in particular, your magicka damage dealers.

As a fire enchantment does more damage than a shock enchant (due to burning), it is very likely than none of the damage dealers will be using a shock enchant :D. However, abilities such as force pulse or liquid lightning will contribute a bit to the concussed uptime, albeit with a low-ish probability.

Maximizing our concussion uptime

Since the changes of Wolfhunter to elemental blockade, in order to have a concussion uptime as high as possible, you should use the following setup:

  • On our front bar, a charged restoration staff. The enchantment here doesn’t matter and depends on the content you are doing.
  • On our back bar, an infused lightning staff with a shock enchant, using elemental blockade.

An infused lightning staff provides for more concussed than a charged lightning staff as long as we are running (and keeping up) elemental blockade. Indeed, if we were to stay only on our back bar, a charged lightning staff would provide for slightly more concussed than an infused lightning staff. However, as we swap on our front bar, the infused trait of the back bar is “retained”: elemental blockade keeps on proccing our shock enchant every 2s. On the contrary, charged trait on the back bar is not retained when swapping to our front bar. Therefore, on our front bar, concussed has twice has much chance to proc with an infused staff back bar.

What about other sources of Minor Vulnerability?

Finally, it seems this discussion wouldn’t be complete without a word on abilities such as swarm or lotus fan which applies minor vulnerability to the target.

While the target gets the Minor Vulnerability debuff if we are using such a skill, it will not be concussed: that means that it will not be set off-balance by a lightning blockade, unless it gets concussed from something else. Using swarm doesn’t exempt you from using a shock enchant :). Proccing concussed means proccing minor vulnerability, but proccing minor vulnerability doesn’t mean proccing concussed.

Swarm (or Lotus Fan) should always be used in your group, as having minor vulnerability up at all time is a huge damage buff to your group. Whether you should pair it with a maximizing-concussed setup depends on your group composition, as we shall see on the next section.

What to use and when

As I wrote in the section above, Swarm or Lotus Fan are must-haves in our group to provide as much minor vulnerability as possible. When it comes to maximizing your concussion uptime, here is what I recommend:

  • If your group is running stamina damage dealers, you should run the “maximizing concussed” setup (charged front bar+ infused shock back bar), as they have the exploiter passive (+10% damage on off-balanced target) unlocked. This will be the case on most bosses in Craglorn trials, as well as in Halls of Fabrication.
  • Some magicka damage dealers, in particular magicka templars or sorcerers, are likely to have the exploiter passive unlocked too. In that case, you want to run the “maximizing concussed” setup as well.
  • If you cannot have that setup, considering having a warden running Screaming Cliff Racer, proccing off-balance if it is cast more than 7 meters away from its target.

I hope you found it both interesting and helpful, make sure to leave a comment if you have questions!

4 thoughts on “Concussed in PvE – a healer point of view (Dragonhold updated)”

  • Hi Tabatta,
    I’m curious about how the Wrathstone changes to the Templar skill, “Toppling Charge” might adjust how Off-Balance is applied in a raid group. Seemingly (as I read it), Toppling Charge now applies Off-Balance:
    (1) on demand with the usual 5 sec uptime followed by 15 sec downtime
    (2) instantly upon cast without any conditions
    (3) along with other gap closers, now has no minimum distance requirements and is a bit faster than it used to be
    Given all of that, could 1 Templar Support wearing IA (eg off-tank with weapons & jewelry or possibly a healer) in melee range, accurately apply offbalance ~25% of the time at fixed increments, and keep Minor Vunerability up with IA cooldown heavy attacks >90% of the time alone without the need for group maximizing concussion uptime through the use of various forms of RNG shock damage/concussion?

    Granted, this would require that player to carefully track off-balance and minor vunerability debuff application timing (& not die). However, might that free up the rest of the group to spec for increased damage over improved concussion uptimes?

    Has this been discussed at all in raiding circles? I wouldn’t be privy to that discussion, for I am noob. πŸ™‚ Would only be fitting that as groups begin to place traditional tank responsibilities like Torug’s Pact & Crusher on healers, they do something like this and start running IA-wearing Templar off-tanks and no more group shock glyphs or lightning staves. 😁

    Thank you for your input/expertise.


    • Hi Robeson!
      This would be possible indeed. However, having blockade down and 1-2 shock enchants on our target already guarantees to have enough off-balance (and IA guaranteed the minor vulnerability uptime). Using toppling charge “kills” one of your skill slots so it’s not that interesting.
      Hope this helps a bit :).

      • It kills a skillslot, but possibly frees up two traits, one enchant and eventually makes the blockade obsolete.
        It’s way easier to proc than the cliffracer, which has a condition.
        You want a warden anyways for minor toughness, so he can run swarm as well.

        It would allow double infused (torugs) on healer, or double resto if the other healer drains (or you just use siphon spirit if the breach is not needed).

        I think you shot down that idea too fast. At least the reasoning was incomplete.

        • Hi, sorry for the late reply! As I said in the article, you definitely have a warden running swarm in your group to make sure you have 100% minor vulnerability uptime. However, as I explained, minor vulnerability doesn’t mean concussed, which means that you would still need an additional source of concussed if you need off-balance (or running screaming cliffracer) πŸ™‚

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