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All good things come to an end

Hi there!

I hope everyone is doing well in these weird times and taking care of their loved ones.

So, I have been playing the Elder Scrolls Online since the beginning of 2017. I had great times on it and really enjoyed creating educational content. This was the first content I ever put out! I really appreciated the positive feedback and support that I got from everyone! Additionally, I met really amazing people, who also became my friends in real life and more. Sadly, I have just not been enjoying the game lately. There is little new content, and the performances are getting worse and worse. I do not enjoy spending more than nine hours per week logging into a game and wondering if it is going to be playable. This got to the point where playing the game was just stressful and frustrating, and that is not what anyone should be looking for in a game :(.

Consequently, I have stopped playing about two months ago. I have not really been missing the game since then, so I guess it was time to move on. It really pains me to “let people down” but I cannot keep playing if I am not enjoying it. I really want to say thanks to all the people who supported me, here or on Twitch. It meant a lot to me <3, especially while I was going through “dark” times. I still want to stream again at some point, maybe if I find another game to stream (or just stream paintings!). So I hope I will keep on hearing from you!

I am going to stop updating my website. However, I will let it up (for a while, at least). My discord has become a nice healers’ community, so I have no intention of shutting it down either :).

Once again, thank you for being there, and stay safe.


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