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Alison is a fantastic looking woman!! As a retired Navy manI would love to have a date with her? I am your fan no. I just in love with toi Al… hope To meet you in the futur! Be bless! Respect and Congrats for your feet, crazy bout em!

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Great big beautiful tits and yards of yummy pussy. I dream about amazon women like this one daily. Alison Tyler — User rating. Alison Tyler — Life and Porn Career. She is of mixed Danish and Italian descent. She was an only child, and although she has a half-sister who is much older than her, Alison was the only child living in the household. She had a normal childhood and grew up in a loving family. As a very sporty she played volleyball and was riding horses since she was four years old and competed in rodeos.

Besides that she was a scout girl. Alison lost her virginity at She remained shy to this day but not as shy as she was back in high school. She has only been with four guys before porn and with one girl the girl was her very first sexual partner, even before the guy she lost her virginity with. Porn Career Alison became part of the porn world when she was 19 years old and is going strong for six years. Prior that alison tyler pornstar was attending college.

She played volleyball and rowed on the crew team for 2 years. Also, she was an activist for Green Peace before porn. Besides alison tyler pornstar she also worked for a family owned company that made gears for Lockheed and Boeing. One of her friends was in the porn already and Alison drove her to set several times and waited for her to film her scenes. At the time she was struggling with money and when she realized that she can make a lot of money from porn, she decided to think about it. Her friend connected her with an agency that was getting her work for three months. After they broke the deal, Alison continued working and remained in the industry.

She was super nervous when she filmed her first scene for Exploited College Girls. Even her second scene was nerve-racking but once she did it, she finally realized that she learned the whole process of waking up early, doing makeup and preparing for filming. She is really tall girl and used to be chubby in her teen years. She alison tyler pornstar to lose weight but her breasts remained saggy so she did a plastic surgery. She enjoys camping, traveling and horseback riding in her spare time.

As an outdoorsy girl, she really loves that kind of camping with tent on the ground and no showering for 5 days. She also loves hiking. Her backpacking trip through Southeast Asia was a wonderful experience for her. She also likes to paint, specifically oil painting. Date posted: August 29, TheLord.

Alison Tyler — Biography. Alison Tyler — Follow on Twitter. Official Website www. Alison Tyler — Photos. Alison Tyler — Videos. Alison Tyler — Similar posts. Gabbie Carter users George Thomas. Posted on January 17, Reply. Posted on June 16, Reply.

Posted on November 9, Reply. Posted on August 17, Reply. Posted on February 20, Reply. Posted on November 7, Reply. Posted on December 8, Reply. Allison if every women on earth looked like you there would a planet of happiness you rock baby. Posted on December 23, Reply. Posted on January 20, Reply. Posted on September 12, Reply.

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Alison tyler pornstar

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